Corporate Investigation

Corporate and Business Investigators tackling false sickness, investigating business fraud, internal theft and many other corporate matters. Contact us by telephoning 020 7158 0332 or send a confidential email to

We are Corporate Investigators, engaged by companies from PLCs to SME's to tackle many internal and external issues

Employees & HR

On this page you will find links to various aspects such as those involving the activity of your employees and help in avoiding an employment tribunal to sensitive matters regarding internal theft or misuse of computer equipment, drug testing in the workplace and more

We will handle your matter both confidentially and professionally; our involvement has saved companies a great deal of time and money. The first stage in the process is to call us, in confidence, on Tel: 020 7158 0332

We tackle matters involving employees and personnel without creating a difficult employment issue. Evidence is key to any investigation

Employees & HR

People will be absent from work for many genuine reasons, however often extended sickness absence may not be quite so legitimate


With employment tribunal fees now discarded there has been a rise in the number of spurious tribunal claims - which we can often make go away

Employment Tribunal

Obtaining relevant evidence through surveillance will often be a vital ingredient to determining the activities of a member of staff who is up to no good


Fingerprinting as evidence in an internal theft or fraud and for for Regulatory Compliance, FBI Identity checks, Criminal Records clearance etc

Private Investigation

Investigations of Computers & Forensic examination are all handled in-house by us, ensuring a case remains confidential & integrated

Computer Investigation

Answers Investigation work with Franchise companies who suspect a franchisee who may be defrauding and not working honestly

Rogue and dishonest franchisees

We are adept at tracing and locating people, be they an old debtor, the owner of a competitor company or someone with whom you wish to be in touch

Tracing People

At some time there will inevitably be an accident at work or through employee negligence that may fall prey to a Compensation Culture

Compensation Claims

How often does it happen that an employee works for someone else on your time, possibly a competitor or while on sickness absence

Moonlighting in ther jobs

Knowing where your company vehicles are through GPS vehicle tracking will aid an investigation into the activities of an errant Manager or Employee

GPS Vehicle Tracker

A discreet service to test employees for alcohol misuse at work, especially when involving machinery option or driving

brethalysing emplyees at work

Pre-employment background screening of new employees, checking, CV, education, criminal record searches, address history

Background checks on employees

A European ruling means an employer can uncover and access the private messages of employees created while they are at work

Private messages at work can be read by  employers Private Investigator

Getting ahead of the competition or getting fast information on a company is one of the benefits of our Company Monitoring Service

Companies House Monitor

Our resident qualified expert can identify a culprit through analysis of a person's handwriting in a full report

Identifying culprit through their handwriting

Recovering what may be vital data from a company mobile phone or PDA, SIM/USIM cards, memory cards, restoring messages & all data

Mobile Phone Forensics

Private Detectives Answers Investigation win the FSB award for Enterprising Business

FSB Business Awards winners enterprising business of the year

Veteran Private Investigator Andy Cross is named FSB 'Employee of the Year'

FSB Business Awards Winnert employee of the year
Private Investigator

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