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Investigation of Criminal Damage ro property and other items in business premises and at home. Call Investigators on 020 7158 0332 or send an email to

Damage to property including that of homesteads and vehicles, is still current in UK crime statistics. In June 2019 it was the 4th most reported crime in the entirety of England and Wales (UKCrimeStats). However, where previously criminals sought to inflict their actions over the cover of darkness, figures are now leaning towards incidents occurring during the daytime and when those who own the property are out or away

Investigation of criminal damage in the workplace, offices and at home

Sometimes viewed as a lower-end crime, your case can end up being brushed aside in favour of what may be perceived as more predominant or more pressing matters. Despite this, clients we have assisted have been given the support they need to lead to having damages returned to them and the offender brought to justice, even if their case wasn’t initially looked into by the relevant authorities

Fingerprinting and forensic analysis is a common avenue to explore in vehicle damage. If latent prints can be found, evidence can be brought to conjunction with police forces who can assist discovering the identity of the offender. The example of offenders ‘keying’ victims’ cars is far too commonplace, the percentage of scratched bodywork reporting rising since before 2010. Crucial evidence can help build your case if prints are left on the car in the process. Aside from forensic examination, evidence gathered can form from areas such as CCTV evidence, witness statements and records research

It is not just the individual who is subject to damage. The total costs of crimes in England and Wales in the 2015/16 era was projected around £9bn to businesses and corporate entities. Companies of all ranges and size contact us about investigating burglaries, for a more discrete investigation, for when all is still not clear. It may also be the case that your relevant authorities have not picked up the issue at hand due to situating circumstances, or the issue of insurance requiring extra material or proof to reimburse

In areas of arson and other criminal damage, it is said that every year over 80% of victims are emotionally affected in some format. The loss of an item or the purposeful destruction of your property can leave a bitter taste and a want for action. Let us help you take charge and help to restore what is now owed to you

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Without compromising Police Investigation, our experience in Criminal Investigation facilitates a conclusion to unresolved crime

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Providing and evidencing a defence case for those accused or charged by the Criminal Justice system, in conjunction with legal firms

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