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We have years of experience in the art of surveillance for business and employee issues, for observation of a partner in a private matter and for legal purposes. Call us FREE on 0800 980 4267 to talk about any issue - or Email Answers Investigation have local sites in London, in Surrey & in Hampshire & other locations across the UK

Surveillance for Private and Business clients and for all aspects

Discreet Observation in Corporate & Private Investigation

Surveillance for a business issue involving an employee or a private matter, for legal purposes, obtaining evidence

Car surveillance, of course, is essential and common, however a target who commutes may well use public transport, or a combination of car, train and underground; keeping up with someone in rush hour will sometimes require more than one person, especially if they change modes of transport

We work with many companies, resolving the difficult issues facing business owners. Surveillance for corporate reasons may involve discreet observation of an employee, for reasons of absenteeism or pending tribunal - or to minimise and contain damage to our client

Discretion is a watchword, especially so when handling what may be a delicate issue for private clients. Observation will help you to get to the truth of a matter, revealing someone's actual actions rather than what they may say they do

We may use traditional surveillance when obtaining evidence for a legal case, such as proving co-habitation or whether Person A is in Location B at a given time. All reports are collated and may be presented in court

The use of covert video surveillance exposed an exaggerated claim for personal injury, resulting in the High Court considering a prison sentence for a woman climant and her husband

Generally, whatever you think will happen, the opposite will apply - which is why all our observers keep an open mind, and change plans as matters develop. Our people are aged from 16 to 65 - blending in to different backgrounds

Contact us in the first instance either by telephone on 01483 200999 or email to All matters are handled sensitively, confidentially and discreetly

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