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Drug Testing

Drug Testing for companies - Tel: 020 7158 0332 or email

We specialise in low cost workplace drug testing using fingerprint drug tests that are simple and non obtrusive

Our staff, experienced for years in taking fingerprints for thousands of clients, will attend at your premises and employ specialist fingerprint reader tests. These are then analysed on-site to determine trace elements of cocaine, cannabis, opiates, methamphetamines or prescription drugs

A mobile service is also available that is executed at a home workers doorstep

Where the need is for a single individual, an appointment may be made for the individual to attend at one of our offices

Drug testing is particularly important in many environments such as:

  • Building sites where Health and Safety is an important issue
  • Construction Industry
  • Freight and Transportation
  • Manufacturing - in a recent survey 15% of workers admiited to having used illegal drugs
  • Hospitality - 9.3% of workers have admitted to using illegal drugs
  • Software & High Tech - particularly amongst home workers
  • Other industries and companies operating machinery in manufacturing or where driving is a fundamental aspect

    We work with one aim - making the process simple and uncomplicated for you:

  • Depending upon workforce size and facility available (a private room or space on-site), two of our technicians will meet and sensitively subject staff to a non-intrusive test. This does not involve any form of sample being taken and our people are trained to handle and dispel any awkwardness the subject may feel
  • While one subject is being tested (a process that takes less than half an hour), their colleague will run an electronic analysis of the previous test
  • Confidentiality is maintained and no pressure placed on the subject taking the test
  • Tests are conducted for Cocaine, Cannabis, Methamphetamines & Opiates, and optionally for Methodone, Benzodiazepines & Buprenorphine (used in prescription drugs)

  • On-site cost per person: - £65 *
  • One off test per person at our office - £125
  • Home visit - from £145 + travel

  • For more information or to book telephone 020 7158 0332 or email

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