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The UK has a Compensation Culture, especially in business. To avoid unfair claims, talk to us and we will both advise and consult on this and other issues including office fraud to computer forensics, surveillance, employment issues, moonlighting, fingerprinting, and drug use at work

The notion that compensation is always due, and everyone is entitled to "have their day in court" is increasingly pervasive in our society. As an employer, you face the brunt of this, whether from a disenchanted employee or from an external individual trying to gain compensation for what they see as loss as a result of your company's activity.

The majority of organisations have seen an increase in employment tribunal claims; employees are required to have discussed their grievances with their employer before going to court, but many employers are doubtful this will make a difference

Research from the Actuarial Profession suggests 60pc of small businesses feel the growth of the compensation culture is interfering with the day-to-day running of their businesses. "The have-a-go mentality is fuelling a surge in dubious employment tribunals that is both costly and time consuming" says the CBI Director-General. Claims are on the increase, up by 17%!

"No win no-fee" solicitors and compensation claim companies encourage people to claim, often making up-front payments. While, of course, people should have access to justice and compensation when something goes wrong the culture of claiming compensation can often be inappropriate and, sometimes, bordering on fraudulent

The use of covert video surveillance exposed an exaggerated claim for personal injury, resulting in the High Court considering a prison sentence for a woman claimant and her husband

We have assisted many companies in defence of claims made against them, rooting out and providing evidence of fraudulent accident and loss of business claims. In the unfortunate event that you find your business defending such an action, please come and talk to us - in the least we can promise to provide ideas of how best to approach the problem and work out a strategy

Defeating the spurious claim of an employee or member of staff and stopping the situation escalating to damage your business

Employees & HR

Absence through sickness is frequently abused and fraudulent - our investigation will weed out the fraudster from the genuine


Employment tribunal fees have been reversed, bringing about a massive increase in the number of fraudulent claims we will make them go away

Employment Tribunal

Subtle and discreet surveillance of employees to establish the true circumstances of a staff members statements and claims


Fingerprint Evidence has proven of value in establishing whether claimed work related incidents truly occurred

Private Investigation

Similarly, Investigation and forensic analysis of a computer will produce firm evidence of an employees misdoing

Computer Investigation
Private Investigator

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