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Investigator Profiles

Some (not all) of the Investigators of Answers Investigation. Our people come from all walks of life, all with different life experiences, including Investigators learning under an accredited apprenticeship programme

Whether from a Business or Private client aspect, clients have often been down a long road before talking to us. Consequently we are open about who we are and, while confidentiality and discretion are of paramount importance will not betray the trust you place in us

Some (not all) of our Investigators are profiled below. Please feel free to contact us at any time with the confidence that we will not judge, but will listen to your issue and suggest a plan to resolve it, whether it is a corporate problem, a personal issue, or legal need

We feel it helps for you to be able to put a face to a name, especially when dealing with sensitive and confidential issues. All of our people are decent and respectful; on the occasions that someone is involved with us who is not this way, they do not last long

Romanian born Adina has made her mark with us, starting with work experience and then using her very analytical brain to good effect. Fluent in Italian, Romanian and English, she has never baulked at any task, even if outside of her comfort zone and enjoys adventure in life

Adina  Private Investigator

Spanish speaking Andrea was born in the Canary Islands before studying Criminology at Bournemouth University. Joining us enabled her to use her investigation and Nationality to handle all assignments in Spain and the Canary Islands, a unique asset in European Investigation

Andrea Cabrera Dominguez Private Investigator

Andy Cross manages investigations in Hampshire and Dorset, working from an office near to Southampton. With a career as an Investigator spanning more than a decade he has a mass of experience, well able to design innovative solutions to the most difficult of situations

Andrew Cross Private Investigator

Upon graduating from Winchester University with a degree in criminology, Becca spent a couple of weeks in work experience before commencing a full apprenticeship. Now very experienced, becca's adventures have varied from a swimming pool reconstruction to working abroad

Becca Lugton private Detective

Intelligent and with an ordered mind, Cara is a proficient Invetsigator; adept at fingerprinting and many other disciplines, Cara also uses her young appearance to good effect test purchasing outlets for Challenge 25 to see if they will ask for ID when selling alcohol

Cara Manning Private Investigator

Investigation to me has always been finding out the root causes to problems that people face every day. Here at Answers I can do just that. No, it’s not the fancy scenes you’ve seen in the latest Bond movie, but that’s not what our work here is about, its tackling real issues, with real people at its core

Harry Watts Private Investigator

Following work experience, Lily applied for and obtained an apprentice, becoming a skilled and attentive private detective

Lily Elkington Private Detective

Finalised for the IOD Director of the Year Award, Nigel's background is in business & understands how companies may be defrauded.

Nigel Parsonsy Private Investigator

We run an accredited Apprenticeship programme that has enabled many people to enter and succeed in the world as a Private Detective.

Apprenticeship Private Investigator

Many people spend time with us in Work Experience, although be prepared to jump in the 'deep end' - the way to gain experience

Private Investigator work experience
Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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