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Handwriting Analysis

Determining the guilty party from their handwriting
A person's handwriting can determine their guilt from comparison with an evidential specimen Telephone 020 7158 0332 to discuss this or any matter - or Email

Analysing and Comparing Handwriting using the science of Graphology

Analysing Handwriting:

Have you been a victim of malicious mail? Or perhaps you have concerns that a signature is forged?

At this stage you may not know where to turn to; fortunately, there are methods that can expose the author… or culprit. Handwriting analysis - not to be confused with Graphology (the psychology of handwriting) - is a relatively unknown discipline - which we use to good effect - that involves the study of handwriting to determine possible authorship

Our handwriting analyst expert has a diploma from the British Institute of Graphologists and over 27 years of hands on experience; so, you can be assured of his credibility in this field. Like fingerprints, handwriting is unique to each person. Our expert relies on extensive knowledge of these individual characteristics to determine the authors identity. During examination he will look at aspects such as slope, speed, slant, pen position, proportion of letters, embellishments, amongst many other attributes

handwriting analysis in investigation

A comparison of the slant in writing samples

handwriting analysis in investigation

An example of proportion comparisons

handwriting analysis in investigation

Summary chart showing key comparison points

Once examination is complete this will be written into a formal, but decipherable report for you. If examination was for comparative purposes, you will be given the probability of a match. The results are then for you to action; but it might be sensible to proceed with our fingerprint analysis to confirm the findings

Handwriting analysis reports are admissible as expert evidence in Court

We routinely provide expert witness statements in line with Civil Procedure Rules. With many years of experience at presenting evidence in court, you can be assured of our professionalism

Costs vary a little depending upon the amount of work needed, however we will try to give you a reasonable estimate begore proceeding - see our price tariff for details

If you have a questionable document that you think may benefit from handwriting analysis call us on 01483 200999 or 020 7158 0332 or send email to

Evidence of malicious mail and hate mail can also be determined by fingerprinting documents and comparing to control specimens

fingerprint evidence for hate mail

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A mobile phone is essentially a small computer that can similarly be analysied through forensic examinationto rebuild deleted data

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