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Absenteeism & Sickness

Sickness at work is most often genuine, however sometimes an employee will 'play the system' - which will cost you time and money. Our Investigators get to the truth of a matter, whether on behalf of a corporate client or on the instructions of a solicitor. Call us on 020 7158 0332 or send an email to

False Sickness & Absenteeism

Absenteeism at work in the UK is at an all time high; we help you to weed out the culprits tackling issues from office fraud to computer forensics, surveillance, employment issues, moonlighting, fingerprinting, and drug use at work

Many people are genuinely absent through sickness, others are not. We will provide you with evidence of falsified absence that is valid enough to be presented at an Employment Tribunal

Have you noticed a few empty desks in your office? Industry in the UK loses billions of pounds through staff sickness with the average British worker taking 7.2 days off. Of course, most absenteeism is genuine, however unwarranted long weekends and staff pulling "sickies" threaten companies ability to cover the cost of absence

One classic case concerned a man off work with a broken ankle who was able to moonlight and re-roof a house

There may be hidden reasons for illegal absence - a disproportionate social life, drug taking, alcohol misuse or because the miscreant is moonighting

Any assignment undertaken is handled discreetly; this may involve discreet surveillance, background research or a combination of different skills, for example computer interrogation and analysis. Evidence may be collated in a manner that is presentable in Court or Employment Tribunal, or to refute an apparent "Fit Note"

Corporate Investigation

A relationship with us as Corporate Investigators lets you resolve those issues facing your business for which there does not seem an easy resolution - we have experienced commercial detectives


We act for Solicitors across the UK and abroad, process serving legal papers across the UK (and Internationally), taking witness statements, surveillance and tracing people

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