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Fingerprinting in evidence and for FBI and other Identiry checks. For more information or for an appointment, telephone 020 7158 0332 or Email

Fingerprint Evidence

Our fingerprint services are in-house. We employ the science of fingerprinting in establishing evidence in investigation, in proving the identity of senders of hate mail

We record fingerprints for Police Clearance certificates overseas and FBI clearance of criminal records for the USA, Canada and other countries around the world

Fingerprint Evidence

Fingerprints are unique to an individual and can be lifted from most surfaces, potentially proving a subject's guilt and presenting conclusive evidence


Fingerprints taken for FBI criminal records clearance and for other countries across the globe in the convenience of your own office

CFTC Fingerprinting

The submission of fingerprints for identity checks when trading on foreign exchanges made easy - we will come to you and take care of the application


An employee misdemeanour, theft, or access to forbidden area such as a safe can be proven through fingerprint techniques

Private Investigation

Theft in a home may be a mattter that one wishes to remain discreet - determining a guilty party through fingerprint examination is foolproof

NFA Fingerprinting

The receipt of hate mail and malicious mail can be extremely upsetting - fingerprinting the documents can prove the culprit

Certificate of Good Conduct Fingerprinting

Recording of fingerprints for Identity checks for every authority globally for criminal records clearance and Certificate of Good Conduct

NFA Fingerprinting

Corporate members of the National Futures Association must submit fingerprints for identity checks, conducted at your location

Process Agents

Fingerprinting in Action - photographs of the fingerprint process as used in evidence and for identity checks

examinaing handwriting for evidence

A person's handwriting shows not just characteristics but, often, a unique identity. Our expert will determine who has scripted a letter

Computer Investigation, IT Forensics, rebuilding deleted files, restoring images

From forensic analysis of a computer, all the secrets of the user can be revealed by rebuilding files thought to have been deleted or erased

Mobile Phone forensics - recovering data from mobile phones

Forensic examination of a mobile phone handset and its associated memory and SIM cards will enable rebuilding of data

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