Terminating or sacking a rogue franchisee with evidence to support misdemeanour

Rogue Franchisees

Gaining evidence against a rogue franchisee that enables the franchise contract to be terminated - telephone 020 7158 0332 or send an email to info@private-detectives.co.uk.

It is sadly sometimes the case that a Franchisee tries to pull the wool over a Franchisor's eyes, possibly working on the side using the Franchise business to avoid paying dues. We work with a number of Franchise companies to provide a solution to the problem

Rogue Franchisees

Nearly all Franchise operations work well with a good relationship between Franchisor and Franchisee, especially if the Franchisor is a member of such as the British Franchise Association

On occasions that relationship is abused by the Franchisee. We obtain the evidence you as a Franchisor will need to terminate the contract, and possibly seek redress

A Remedy

One example is a longstanding client of ours who operates 100+ franchisees Nationally throughout the United Kingdom

The company support their franchisees with marketing and material support; they also collate sales and performance data, which will flag a poorly performing franchisee. This may be an indicator of dishonesty

Their sales and performance data shows who is performing and who is not; while there may be legitimate reasons for the latter it can suggest some misdoing

Once every six months or so we will be tasked to routinely watch the day to day activity of what is often the poorest performing franchisee. It is almost inevitable that when we report back showing addresses visited, and work done, that it does not tally with the reports the franchisee submits, work being done 'on the side' (using the franchisors marketing and resources) and the proceeds pocketed

In the subsequent performance interview, when our evidence is presented to the franchisee, either a second chance may be given, or more commonly, the franchisor has grounds to terminate the franchise arrangement

This does of course enable the Franchisor to not only legitimately resell the franchise but to restore the work revenues they should have been receiving

There is also a further advantage in that the message is quielty put out to other franchisees that, while their Franchisor may be a co-operative partner, they will not accept dishonesty

We work Nationally throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe. To explore possibilities further, or to arrange a meeting either at your head Office or by telephone / Zoom, talk to us regardless of whatever stage matters have reached

For assistance and consultation on this d issue contact us in the first instance either by email to info@private-detectives.co.uk or by telephoning 020 7158 0332 and discussing the matter with our experienced Commercial Investigators

Unlike many investigation firms, we have longstanding Corporate experience with people qualified in business and economics

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