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Tracing People

We trace people - biological parents, debt absconders, missing persons - for many reasons. Call us on 020 7158 0332 or send an email to

Finding and locating people in the United Kingdom, Europe, America and across the world

Tracing People

We trace people using many resources including in-house databases, sometimes matched with practical enquiries, tracking missing people, birth parents, adopted children and debt absconders

Whether you are an adoptee who wants to trace your biological mother/father, or a parent who wishes to trace a son or daughter given up for adoption , it is our pleasure to help in many different ways

With access to resources that may not be accessible to the general public we can help to trace missing persons, debt abscondees, birth parents or adopted children - sometimes with as little to work on as a Christian name

We have successfully traced thousands of people over the years, tracking down errant partners, debt absconders, and reuniting adopted children with their birth parents

Sadly, many teenagers walk away from home and go missing. We have helped many people to be reunited or to at least obtain a line of contact. The work involved requires sensitivity and methodical persistence, often helped practically by some of the younger members of our team who can relate to someone of a similar age, and by our local presence in many areas

Tracing and locating Debtors and other people for commercial reasons together with background research and asset evaluation

Tracing debtors and tracing for business

Discreet, confidential and sensitive handling of personal matters, gently investigating to find out the truth of any issue

personal investigation private investigation infidelity affairs

Paternity Testing is a sensitive issue, helped by our brokering and providing a go-between that helps you determine the biological link

Paternity testing
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