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Drug Abuse & Alcohol Misuse in the workplace

Employers have a right to know whether drugs are being consumed on their premises as this can affect the productivity, attitude, health and safety and well being of the user and other colleagues around them

Answers Investigation provide service that allows employers to covertly establish whether drugs are being used at the workplace

  • Using reliable equipment Answers operatives attend the workplace and test areas of concern where drugs may have been consumed. This can be done out of office hours if necessary, allowing the employer to remain covert. The results of the tests are almost instant and can be a valuable tool for further Investigation
  • Evidence of such use is recorded and documented in a forensic manner and advice given as to how the user may be identified or approached
  • Providing the area of suspected use is not an area where nudity or embarrassment is likely (toilets, changing rooms, etc) then covert camera equipment may be supplied and installed to gather evidence in support of the claim
  • Suspect substances that may be discovered can be analysed for identification
  • If drug related paraphernalia is found, these items can be collected and analysed for Fingerprint evidence to identify the owner. This service is also performed In-house by Answers Investigation
  • Although other drug screening services are available for employers and workplaces there is a strong argument that such tests infringe on the employees rights to lead a separate social life away from work. Drug screening alone cannot reliably distinguish between the abuse of substances within the workplace or during the employee's leisure time. Many drugs stay in the system for days or even months. It is possible that substance abuse within leisure time does not have an adverse affect on the performance of staff during working hours

    Clients who use Answers Investigation to establish the presence of drugs in the workplace avoid the issues of involving the authorities thus allowing a fair explanation from suspected members of staff. If staff do have drug problems it is often more of a health and welfare issue as well as a disciplinary matter. Answers Investigation support employers by the use of Fingerprinting and Computer Forensics - both provided in-house

    The complexities of Employment Legislation can mean that errant employees have the upper hand. We monitor and investigate to help you gain control

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    A responsible employer will support employees who are geuninely sick, but not those that defraud through false absenteeism


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