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From time to time there are vacancies for different roles as a Private Detective

Work as a Private Investigator


Work opportunities with us are limited, but not unachievable. If you have something different to offer, please talk to us

Private Investigator Apprentice

We have an accredited Apprenticeship programme over a 12 month period, in which you can learn the trade of a Private Eye with potential follow-on employment

Fingerprint techinician vacancy

Current vacancy for a trainee trainee fingerprint techinician - you will learn to record and analyse fingerprints and to administer our expanding fingerprint service

Private Investigator Work Experience

Work experience candidates are welcome to talk to us - many have spent an enjoyable time learning about investigation work, visiting from as far away as America and Martinique

Private Investigator Franchise

We will consider geographic franchise through a franchise arrangement

the Interview Private Investigator

We periodically interview - See this page for tips

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