Employee Investigation

Employees in your company may warrant discreet investigation - contact us on 020 7158 0332 or make an enquiry by email at info@private-detectives.co.uk

Employees & HR

Establishing whether extended sickness absence is genuine or fraudulent, enabling you to make an informed decision on an employee's future

Employment Tribunal

We have assisted many companies to resist or win employment tribunals, particularly if there is suspicion of fraudulent or unfounded claim


Surveillance for business reasons may involve discreet observation of an employee, for reasons of absenteeism or pending tribunal

Background checks on employees

verifying the history of potential employees, making extensive background checks as a Pre-employment screen to separate truth from fiction

Database Theft

Leaving your employer to set up your own business is one thing; taking the company's database with you is another

Computer Investigation

The assumption that deleting a computer file will erase the information has been the downfall of many errant employees

Moonlighting Employees

Most full time employees are required to work for you only - some will moonlight, in a similar industry or in their own parallel company

Private Investigation

Fingerprints can be lifted on-scene and matched to prints of an employee or other, providing evidence of wrongdoing

Poaching Employees

Losing an employee who sets up on his own may mean your losing other key staff - potentially a breach of the contractual duty of fidelity

Theft of Materials

Financing the stock of an employee who sets up in competition, or one who steals to furnish his lifestyle is a bitter pill to swallow

Private messages at work can be read by  employers Private Investigator

A European ruling means an employer can uncover and access the private messages of employees created while they are at work

Compensation Claims

The notion that compensation is always due, and everyone is entitled to "have their day in court" is increasingly pervasive in our society

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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