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GPS Vehicle Trackers

An accurate way to gaining information about a subject's movements, legally and ethically implemented

GPS Vehicle & Asset Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking is an efficient and cost effective method of monitoring a subject's movement 24 hours a day. Regularly monitored with movement alerts, you will know where the subject is at any time

Private Clients

While trackers are not the solution to everything, typically the vehicle tracking system is used to build up a pattern of movement around a subject vehicle that allows us to identify when the best opportunity for physical surveillance may be. We often use the tracking system in conjunction with the surveillance of a subject. This can be extremely beneficial and more practical if the subject is, for example, a long distance commuter or multiple drop driver

To arrange the installation of a vehicle tracking system, or to discuss what sort of information can be obtained from a tracker install, please contact our office and speak with one of our operatives who will be more than willing to advise

In such circumstances we normally fit the unit ourselves by way of appointment with the client. If this is not possible then we endeavour to brief the client as fully as possible in order for them to put the unit into the subject vehicle under the correct circumstances

The case of the singing wife: A recent operation was to establish the movements of a wife who told her husband she was having singing lessons in Leyton, North London. The husband had his suspicions and it was difficult to install proper surveillance as she was erratic in her movements and timing. To make it a cost effective operation for the client we installed one of our tracking devices. Monitoring of the device established that instead of the wife going for singing lessons in Leyton, she was going to Charlton. The client then wanted physical surveillance on his wife. We knew roughly where the vehicle was and within 10 minutes we located the vehicle outside in a driveway of a house. Observation and video evidence proved the wife wasn’t having singing lessons

Business Clients

GPS trackers have long been associated with monitoring the journeys of a subject vehicle. The units that are used by Answers investigation can also be deployed as asset trackers, not specifically limited to their use on vehicles

We have successfully used such equipment during prolonged investigations involving the theft of equipment from our commercial clients. Such items include:

  • Cars and Vans
  • Plant machinery and trailers
  • Shipping Containers
  • Boats and other water sports equipment
  • Freight & Commercial Vehicles
  • There are of course many other applications that trackers can be used for, many of which can be industry specific. If you do not see your particular asset as being listed above, please do contact us for a discussion regarding your industry and situation and we will advise whether we are able to assist

    We work closely with our clients to produce a tailor made solution to their issues, on occasion we have been known to modify equipment using engineering skills in order for a tracking system to be fitted on a specific item and remain undetected

    The best use of a tracker is when combined with physical surveillance

    The case of the resigning employee: Our longstanding client contacted us with a niggling concern she had regarding an employee who had handed in his notice. This particular company's customers are their lifeblood, however the employee concerned had stated that he was joining a different industry. During his period of notice, however, and as someone who had been (until then) trusted implicity, he continued to carry out his duties which included client visits. The client's intuition proved correct. With our client's permission, a tracker was installed in the employees company vehicle (which remained the client's property). It transpired - through monitoring, surveillance and further research - that the individual concerned was not only visiting the clients for whom he had responsibility, he was visiting those of his colleagues! Some further enquiries proved that he had established a parallel company in the same industry and was pursuing his soon to be ex-employers client base offering them a better deal, despite provisions in his Contract of Employment not to do so. The information was used in a case pursued against him and as a part of a very needed damage limitation exercise


    Pricing is low-cost and simple:

  • Installation: £95
  • Daily Rental: £25
  • Rental includes emailed reports and alerts & subject to a 2 week minimum. All prices subject to VAT

    Contact us in the first instance either by telephone on 01483 200999 or 020 7158 0332 or email to All matters are handled sensitively, confidentially and discreetly

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