Personal Matters

Handling a personal matter needs our discretion; it may be a matter of someone's infidelity, or the need to trace a person or watch their movements. You can call us - free - at any time on A0800 980 4267 or Email

We will help you with any matrimonial issue with the sensitivity needed - talk to one of our Investigators to talk the issue through whenever you wish


Trust is the most important thing in anyone's relationship, and when broken you will need to find out the facts and true position


Discreet surveillance of a partner will establish whether your doubts are grounded, what is true, and what is untrue

Employment Tribunal

"I was in need of a private investigator and having never used one before, was particularly worried about finding someone, who would understand how I felt and not just about making money. I googled a few companies and rang them up and some were most definitely all about the money. But then I came across Answers Investigators. I rang them up and immediately I felt comfortable and more at ease about using a private investigator. I only ended up needing them for one night's work but Joe in particular made it very easy. He communicated with me at every step. I didn't feel like I was talking to a stranger but more a friend which made me feel better. He sent me a very thorough report of his findings and even called me after to make sure I was alright. His concern pleasantly surprised me, as being in touch with many professionals on a daily basis, I'm not always made to feel that way. I would definitely use and recommend them again and in particular Harry Watts"

With an expert tracer in-house we will identify and locate children given up for adoption or an adoptees birth parent, and help you bridge contact

Adoption Tracing

We find people from research of in-house databases, many of which are not accessible to the public, using logic and experience

Tracing People

Being blackmailed seems like the end of the world - we will help you put a stop to it, without the threat of exposure or damage to your life


Being able to track a vehicles movements electronically will show a pattern of movement, with full surveillance establishing the details

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Digitally improving the clarity of poor quality audio recordings by electronic and aural analysis - a specialist service

Improving digital recording quality

The secrets of a computer will not withstand a full computer forensic investigation that rebuilds deleted files, images and emails

Computer Investigation

Investigating to provide a defence against criminal allegation compiled to a court ready standard to substantiate your case

Drug & Alcohol Misuse

When tackling problems of drug and alcohol misuse, accurate information as to an individuals situation will always be important in tackling the matter

Drug & Alcohol Misuse

Our work and Sensitive handling of historic sexual abuse and in-depth enquiry has resulted in prosecutions and jail sentences

Historic Sexual Abuse

A wayward teenager's behaviour may be out of control - assessing the situation will enable you to make an informed decision and plan of action

Teenagers & Children

Establishing the grounds of divorce will still have an effect on the outcome and provide closure for one or other party

Divorce Investigation

The internet is a good thing and a bad thing, often the source of grooming and threats - matters of which we have much experience

Private Investigation

Fingerprinting is conclusive evidence that can prove theft, or identify the anonymous sender of malicious mail and hate mail

fingerprinting malicious mail, hate mail

A person's Handwriting can be very personal and it is possible to determine a guilty party from expert examination

handwriting analysisl

Information obtained from forensically examining mobile phones will show the secrets someone tells their phone that they don't tell you

Mobile Phone Forensics
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