Theft and Burglary

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Have you had items stolen or have some possessions gone missing? Theft is on the rise in the country, up 8% in 2018 from the previous year. No matter the item or belonging, size or stature, professional fingerprint forensics may be the answer to your case

Private Detective identifying and proving a stalker with evidence

Answers Investigation are the only investigation agency with in-house fingerprinting in the country. Having been involved on many cases of all levels, in the private, corporate and legal world, our forensic specialists have operated in many difficult scenarios, using the most cutting-edge techniques

Latent fingerprints can exist on items and surfaces for many years and with our forensic team on hand, we can work to uncover the prints on almost any item. Using control prints and cross examination, we can work to uncover the identity of the prints and help get your possessions back to where they belong

Having been trained in a variety of latent print dusting and retrieval techniques, forensic specialists can test a variety of items of off many services. Using this evidence, we can assist in apprehending the suspect. Alternatively, the case can be handled to the need of the client, should they seek alternative means other than a legal outcome

Fingerprinting is just one of the answers. Criminal theft cases can also utilise holistic investigatory research, whether desk based or in physical, to support a case. CCTV evidence can normally be obtained in relation to criminal cases and is an extensively used asset. London, for example, is one of the most CCTV populated cities in the world

A combination of investigatory and forensic work can lead to finding the offenders and hopefully return to you lost possessions, or receive compensation for what you are intitled to

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Compiling an evidential criminal defence case for those innocently charged

Corporate Investigation

Experienced criminal investigation at the workplace and elsewhere

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Helping victims of assault and violent crime establish a chargeable case

Violent and other Assault Victims

Stopping the scourge of Stalking and harrassment, giving victims peace of mind

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

Establishing who is responsible for Hate mail and Malicious mail sent to intimidate

Hate Mail and Mailcious Mail

In-house computer forensic investigation of hard drives and tablets

Forensic examination of computer misuse at work and home

Identifying and preventing a repeat of Criminal Damage to buildings or property

Private Investigation of criminal damage
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