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Challenge 25

Training & Test Purchasing

Challenge 25 Training on your site or premises and Test Purchasing to evaluate how proficient your staff are. Call us on 01428 658493 or enquire by email to send an email to

We train your staff in how to implement Challenge 25; for your convenience, we come to you with a half-day course - see prices

Challenge 25 Training

How well do your people implement Challenge 25? - better that we test purchase in a way you can evaluate than the authorities do

Test Purchasing Challenge 25

We even supply free posters at our cost for your benefit, to enable you to display your adherence to the Challenge 25 policy

Free Challenge 25 posters

Challenge 25 is adhered to by most responsible retailers of age related products. We help you with certificated training, delivered on-site at a negligible cost per person in an environment that is familiar to your staff, as well as test purchasing and providing free point of sale material

Challenge 25 Training

For further information see our specialist site at

Training is implemented where it has most effect - at your premises, delivered by people to whom your staff will connect and covers:

  • What products Challenge 25 applies to
  • How to handle potential underaged sales
  • What identification to ask for
  • How to refuse; how to record the refusal
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