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Alcohol Testing

Testing for Alcohol in the workplace using certified testing - Tel: 020 7158 0332 or email

We test for alcohol misuse at work. The use of alcohol in the workplace jeopardises Health and Safety, especially where machinery operation or driving are required

Certified and independent testing for alcohol misuse, used as a stand alone or inconjunction with our drug testing services and facility

Single applicants may be tested at one of our offices by appointment


  • On-site cost / person: - £45 *
  • One off test / person at our office - £75
  • Home visit - from £75

  • To discuss an application or to make a booking telephone 020 7158 0332 or email

    Comprehensive on-site drug testing service at your business or at our offices

    Drug testing at work and home

    We visit your premises for non-intrusive drug testing of employees and workforce

    Drug testing in hospitality venues

    Drug testing for private clients by home visit or at our office

    Personal Drug Testing

    All drug and alcohol testing can be supported by certified Laboratory tests

    Laboratory Testing for drugs

    The science and technology behind our drug and alcohol testing services

    Drug testing technical information

    Fingerprint forensic services that identify the culprits of theft and fraud

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