Private Investigator France - Détective Privé

Private Investigator France
Détective Privé

Private Investigator Paris Détective Privé


We have an efficient working knowledge of Paris in both business and personal environments, aware of the geography and habits of life - including La Défense. We are comfortable with surveillance and all aspects of investigation in the city

Private Investigator France Détective Privé


Nice and the surrounding Var region are areas we know well and where we work discreetly and naturally. Call us on 020 7158 0332 ( +44 20 7158 0332 from abroad) to discuss any matter, in confidence

Private Investigator La Défense Détective Privé

La Défense

La Défense is Europe's largest purpose-built business district; our mix of language skills and corporate investigative experience mean regular working with businesses there, including travelling to take fingerprint records

Private Investigator Brittany France Roskoff Détective Privé


We have worked extensively in Brittany; access to the area is straightforward from our office near Southampton, with Brest and Rennes just an hour away via regional airports

Private Investigator French Riviera Italian Riviera Détective Privé

French Riviera

Operations in the French Riviera - in St Tropez, Cannes, Toulon, Nice or Monaco - need our experience of working in the region, derived from over two decades in private investigation

Process Server france

Process Serving

Serving legal documents in France is expensive & complex - we provide an alternate and cheaper service for serving legal documents in France by using our UK process servers to effect service

Private Investigator Surveillance France


Practical experience has shown that vehicle surveillance in Europe is much easier in a right hand drive hire car. Knowing cities such as Paris and Bordeaux, coupled with language skills, is a great advantage with foot surveillance

Adoption Tarcing France

Adoption Tracing

Sometimes tracing and adoption (birth parent / adoptee) enquiries run cold in the UK because the person searched has moved abroad. This often leads to European countries, particularly France and Spain

Fingerprinting France


To our knowledge we are the only investigation agency to run fingerprinting in-house and this seems to apply in France; CFTC and FINRA requirements apply equally to La Défense as to London and other European capitals

Private Investigator Corsica Corse Détective Privé


Having French speaking Investigators we have handled investigation in Corsica, travelling to the island and successfully conducting enquiries internally and with the assistance of local contacts

Private Investigator Tunisia Détective Privé


Investigation abroad extends to countries outside of Europe, including french speaking Tunisia. The major areas of Tunis, Hammamet and Sfax are familiar to us

Private Investigator Morocco Maroc Détective Privé


Our investigators know the working of Morocco well, in particular Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir. We work discreetly and efficiently within the country, familiar with the cultural environment

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