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Handling investigative assignments in Morocco and North Africa is a speciality of ours. We have experience not only of the local environment but of language and the way in which things work differently from Europe. Agadir is no exception and we will often be called on to handle a matter for a UK or European based client, whether of a personal or business nature. A tourist destination for British holidaymakers, Agadir is often the location of investigations of a matrimonial or infidelity nature. With the influx of European visitors the town can be a hotbed of scams and misdemeanour

Tourism plays a major part - Agadir is a major destination for English and French holidaymakers, often the beginning of investigation for personal issues

Our investigators know Morocco well, particularly the major areas of Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier; our staff collectively have good language skills, with a fluent French speaker

Corporate Investigation

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Private Investigators with extensive Corporate experience handling employee issues, fraud, computer forensics, surveillance and fingerprinting & other corporate issues

Private Investigation

Personal Investigation

We know it is difficult to talk about matters personal to you, however talk to us - all our people are human beings first, able to listen in confidence and to help with difficult and emotional issues

Private Investigator Morocco Détective Privé


Our investigators know the working of Morocco well, in particular Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir. We have good language skills, with a fluent French speaker and are able to work discreetly and efficiently within the country

Private Investigator Marrakech Détective Privé


Marrakech is a popular tourist destination and consequently the location of investigations of a matrimonial or infidelity. Not every tourist is there legitimately, frequently making the city the beginning of investigation for personal issues

Private Investigator casablanca Détective Privé


Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and biggest port, forming the economic and business centre of the Kingdom. The city powers Morocco's economy - Corporate Investigation is a major factor. Here's looking at you, kid

Private Investigator Tangier Détective Privé


The city is currently undergoing rapid development and modernization, set to benefit greatly from the new Tanger-Med port. This has created an ever-growing need for disciplined commercial investigation, & investigation of personal issues

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