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Spain Private Detective for investigation work in Madrid, Malaga, Cordoba, Barcelona - telephone +44 1483 200999 - or send an email to

We are known for working in Spain and the Canary islands, and have many local links as well as direct experience resolving issues of criminal injustice, process serving, working on surveillance and tracing people

Spanish enquiries have taken us to many locations - on the Spanish mainland in Madrid, in Cordoba, Alicante, Malaga, Barcelona and most Spanish cities; - in Ibiza and majorca; and on the Canary islands of Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote

Discuss with us the problem you have in Spain by calling +44(0)20 7158 0332 [or if calling from the UK on 020 7158 0332]

The Spanish legal system is ponderous and expensive - we provide a more efficient and cheaper service of serving legal papers in Spain

Process Server spain

Investigation to obtain the relase or provide defence for tourists / expats arrested or imprisoned in Spain as with this publicised case

James Harris Kyle Thain released on bail

Property searches in Spain, obtaining details of Nota Simple and handling squatters / tenant evictions without falling foul of the authorities

Property searches in Spain 
Registradores de España

Physical surveillance in Spain, whether of a holidaymaker not telling the truth or an employee up to no good

Private Investigator Surveillance Spain

We have access to relevant databases for tracing and adoption enquiries in Spain, and have located many people through research and physically

Adoption Tarcing Spain

We fingerprint throughout Europe, for FBI identity checks in Madrid and as an evidence tool on the Spanish mainland and Islands

Fingerprinting Spain

The Spanish capital of Madrid is the location of many enquiries

private investigator madrid detective privado

Catalan Investigation in Barcelona of tourists and corporate matters

private detective barcelona detective privado

We have handled investigation in in Tenerife on many occasions

private investigator tenerife detective privado

Active and reliable private Investigation company experienced working in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Private Investigator Detective Privado Islas Canarias

Working in Lanzarote, dealing with surveillance and tenant eviction

private investigator lanzarote detective privado

Private Investigation and Detective assignments in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Private Investigator Detective Privado Islas Canarias

Investigation in Spain follows through to investigative work in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Private Investigator
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