Criminal Defence


Working in defence of UK Nationals charged with a Criminal Offence abroad - telephone 020 7158 0332 to speak to a Detective or email

Answers Investigation have been involved in headline criminal defence cases. One notable case was our work with aiding the release of Kyle Thain and James Harris from a Spanish prison for the wrongful imprisonment and a time of 4 months without charge. We were heavily involved in the evidence gathering, assessment and legal proceedings of the case, having been brought in after five unsuccessful bail appeals. The Defendants were found Not Guilty

Our work substantially prepared the ground for a successful appeal, the accused being first released and then subsequently allowed to leave the country

Finding evidence against criminal charges

Answers Investigation has the capacity to operate at any scale, whatever the case may bring. Our work in countless countries abroad means that our team has specialist knowledge of many areas and countries

  • Spain
  • France
  • Dubai
  • Morocco
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Whilst not an exhaustive list, our experience in working in these environments has allowed the specialist knowledge and skills to help build a case, no matter the location. Our international page details work in different countries and the specific areas of expertise

    If you are a legal representative, a business or self-representing in a case, speak to our defence investigators today on 020 7158 0332 or email for more information

    Working for defendants and the lawyers of defendants obtaining evidence and investigating the true version

    Corporate Investigation

    Investigation of Crime on behalf of the victim of crime for both corporate and personal clients who have not seen justice

    private Detective involved in Criminal Investigation

    Targetted and deliberate Criminal Damage is commonplace and rarely fully investigated by the Police unless injury has resulted

    Private Investigation of criminal damage

    Senders of Hate mail and Malicious mail do so because the anonymity gives them power - an anonymity we will unwrap

    Hate Mail and Mailcious Mail

    Assault victims - both at home and abroad - often do not find closure through the perpetrator being brought to justice

    Violent and other Assault Victims

    In-House forensic investigation and analysis skills used to work out the perpetrators of burglary and theft, recovering precious items

    Theft in the Workplace and theft at home

    Stalking and harrassment are crimes that incur heavy penalties - but only if the perpetrator is identified and proven

    Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

    From Ponzi schemes to straightforward internet fraud, we work to identify the scammers and recover a victim's losses

    Recovering money lost through fraud

    In-house expertise in Computer Forensic investigation is a definable and definitive methodology in criminal investigation

    Forensic examination of computer misuse at work and home
    Private Investigator

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