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Birth Parents/Adoptees

We are adept at tracing biological parents and children given up for adoption, sensitively helping to broach contact, obtain information and even, where relevant, determine paternity. Call us on 020 7158 0332 or send an email to

Whether you are an adoptee who wants to trace your biological mother/father, or a birth parent who wishes to trace a son or daughter given up for adoption, it is our pleasure to help in many different ways

Finding your birth parents, or tracing a child given up for adoption, is a three or four stage process, dependent upon what you already know and what your end objective is. We have many years experience in not only tracing their current whereabouts, but in sensitively helping you to make an approach in a manner that has the utmost consideration for all parties and their potential sensitivities. While not all stages are obligatory, you may wish to consider them carefully, as outlined below

It is very helpful for us if we can meet with you first. We have a quiet meeting room available at our main office or can make an arrangement local to you. Meeting will help us to discuss the options and some of the potential implications. Without breaking anyone's confidentiality, we can tell you about some of our other experiences and the different way in which searches and contact can go

Stage 1 - Identification

  • Your name at birth is not necessarily the name you grew up with and we will need to obtain this information if you have not already done so.
  • The only people who have access to your adoption record are you and your birth mother / child.
  • You will need to fill in a form for access to birth records and send it to the Adoptions Sections, Room C202, General Register Office, Trafalgar Road, Southport PR8 2HH
  • Stage 2 - Tracing

  • This is where our work really begins. We have a lot of experience in tracing people, and it is not as straightforward as the internet will lead you to believe.
  • Your birth mother may have married, possibly more than once, and therefore changed her name (the same applying to a child);
  • often the problem is not one of locating 'Jane Smith' but of identifying which 'Jane Smith' of possibly hundreds is the right one. The information we obtain may be definitive or it may need further work
  • Stage 3 - Information

  • When the subject's location has been identified you may want to find out a little more about them. We can identify some factors - such as whether they have children (your half brothers and sisters) - from records but this tells you little about a person's life.
  • Without intruding on their privacy, it can be a good idea for us to make some discreet physical enquiries to ascertain their circumstances, health etc.
  • Good information will allow you to make informed decisions
  • Stage 4 - Contact

  • We handle contact very sensitively and will prefer to make it for you. It needs to be by a personal visit, confidential and discreet.
  • Given the opportunity, we will meet with your relative and find out how they feel about the issue, whether they wish to have contact, and, initially, how - this needs to be in a manner that meets their needs as well as yours.
  • We have travelled to many locations in the UK and abroad, including France and Corsica
  • Stage 5 - Paternity / DNA

  • There may be a need to prove paternity
  • We can facilitate testing, talking to both sides and ensuring discretion and sensitivity
  • The first thing to do is talk to us, and we will arrange to meet you. Call us on 01483 200999 or on any of our local contact numbers. All matters are handled sensitively, confidentially and discreetly

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