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Process Serving

Process Server serving Court documents for legal firms and for corporate or personal litigation, throughout the United Kingdom and Europe

Process Server

Service in the UK

Answers Investigation are commissioned by legal firms across the UK and abroad, serving legal documents in the UK and Internationally (see below) - everything from Court Orders to Winding Up and Bankruptcy petitions

Serving legal documents is more than just playing postmann; it takes perspicacity, sometimes persistence, and often involves outwitting the Respondent. Our approach is appreciated, referenced by this letter of recognition

We will collect from Court or from your office and prepare affidavit or Statement of Service in-house.

We have encountered many different situations over two decades, serving companies, individuals, corporations, members of the armed forces, travellers camps - even Marine vessels and on one occasion an aircraft

Despite the sometimes difficult circumstances, we have never had anyone injured - that takes thought, planning and care, as well as respect for the Respondent. In other words, treat people respectfully and it is likely they will respond.

International Process Service

International process Serving is two way - both for overseas legal firms serving in the UK, and for UK firms needing service overseas - in France, Spain, Ireland, the Canary Islands, Monaco, the Middle East, Singapore and many other countries - often more cost effective and reliable than attempting to get something served locally

Service Guides

  • Process Serving in Spain
  • Process Serving in Singapore
  • Process Serving in United Arab Emirates
  • Process Serving in France
  • Process Serving in Gibraltar
  • Process Serving in Monaco
  • Process Agents

    Overseas organisations who operate in the United Kingdom may need to provide an address in the UK at which legal proceedings can be served on them. In international markets, overseas companies commonly enter into agreements that are governed by English Law. They are obliged to appoint a UK based agent who will accept service on their behalf, ensuring UK Courts have jurisdiction in dispute

    litigation support for solicitors

    A raft of Legal support services for Solicitors firms Nationally

    Witness statements

    Witness Statements taken under the P.E.A.C.E. protocol

  • Process Server

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