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Private Detectives with language and business skills working throughout Europe on behalf of corporate, legal and private clients. Contact us by telephoning 020 7158 0332 [from outside the Uk call + 4420 7158 0332] or send an email to

Answers Investigation work Internationally throughout Europe in France, Spain (including the Canary Islands), Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Albania, Gibraltar, Greece, Latvia, Estonia and of course throughout the United Kingdom

Our Investigators regularly work in France, especially Paris and the South

Private Investigator France Détective Privé
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Resolving difficult and unsual investigative issues in Spain including Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona

Private Investigator Spain Detective Privado Espana
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Answers Investigation work for a number of Italian corporate clients in the UK and Europe

Private Investigator Italy investigatore privato
Investigation in Italy - click link

Our experience of working in Spain, Majorca and Ibiza extends to the Canary Isles

Spain Private Investigator Detective Privado Islas Canarias
Follow this link to the Canary Islands

Private Detective in Amsterdam - corporate matters and the ubiquitous stag weekend

PRIVATE Detective Amsterdam
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Private Investigator in Greece on both the mainland and the Greek islands

Private Detective Greece Crete Rethimno Ιδιωτικό Ντετέκτιβ στην Ελλάδα
Information on Greece Investigation

Private Investigation in Switzerland, in particularly in Geneva and Zurich, for business and personal clients and for International legal firms

Private Investigator French Riviera Italian Riviera Détective Privé
Follow link for Swiss Investigation detail

Investigation in the British Overseas territory of Gibraltar - investigation into online gambling, Gibraltar registered companies

Private Detective Gibraltar
Follow link for Gibraltar Detective

We work in the Principality of Monaco - from a base in Nice, covering investigation of corporate and personal issues, and process serving

Private Detective Monaco
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Private Investigation in Poland, in Zakopane and other ski resorts, in the capital of Warsaw and in the city of Krakow

Private Detective Romania
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Working in the Baltic state of Estonia on behalf of corporate and private clients in the United Kingdom , especially e-business

Private Investigator Estonia
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Fluent in language and conversant with culture, we handle investigative work in Romania and the capital Bucharest

Private Detective Romania
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Private investigation in the Baltic state of Latvia, with a throrough working knowledge of Riga and the commercial concerns there

Private Investigation Latvia
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Investigation of UK Nationals holidaying and residing in Portugal together with linked corporate investigation for business

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We work in Albania in Tirana, Durres, Shkoder and other parts of the country, for personal business and legal clients

Private Investigator Tirana Durres Albania Privat Detektiv
Information on Albanian Investigation

Slovakian born Investigator handles investigative work in Slovakia, her familiarity with the country enabling local investigation resources that are not generally open to other organisations. Talk to us for more discreet information

Private Investigation Slovakia
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Answers Investigation handle a lot of investigative work in the Baltic states, including Lithuania, especially the capital city of Vilnius and also the Northern area near the border with Latvia - for business and private clients

Private Detective Lithuania
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We work for a number of German clients, carrying out research and investigation of corporate employee matters. Germany is one of the economic powerhpuses of Europe, and we have experience in many of its cities

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Our Investigators are equipped to work in many in Eastern Europe, including Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Moldova

Private Investigator International
Eastern Europe Information

See our pages relating to other International enquiries - multi-skilled investigative assignments take us to many parts of the globe from Singapore to Dubai to the Canary Islands, Morocco and throughout Europe

Private Investigator International
International Investigation
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