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La Défense

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Private Detective working as a Corporate and Criminal Investigator in La Défense and Paris

Private Investigator La Défense Détective Privé

Europe's largest purpose-built business district, La Défense is the detsination of regular investigative work including taking fingerprint records and serving legal papers. Our language skills and corporate investigative experience enable skilled investigation

Our experience in corporate and business investigation extends to France and in particular the La Défense business district of Paris. We have fluent French speakers amongst our staff, experienced in Investigation for business and for private clients

Frequently working in Paris in the same manner as we would in London or Madrid, we put a unique aspect to any concerns in the city

Private Investigator Paris Détective Privé

Arranging service of legal documents in France need not be a nightmare - our process is simple and bypasses the complex French system

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We have worked throughout France, from Corsica to Brittany, and extensively in Paris in all aspects of Private Investigation

Private Investigator France Détective Privé
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