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USA & Canada

We handle matters in the UK and Europe for American / USA clients, serving legal papers and investigating boh corporate and personal issues. We may be contacted on +44 20 7158 0332 or emailed at In reverse, we are well placed to handle US enquiries for UK/European entities

Private Investigator New York

Comprehensive familiarity with New York City and New York state mean our investigators competently handle investigations in New York; a successful outcome to an investigation of a UK National residing or doing business in New York and Manhattan is much more likely when carried out by a UK Investigator, particularly if derived from a corporate or matrimonial issue

Chicago Private Investigator

Chicago and Illinois are a base for many UK companies for whom our local knowledge has been put to work in corporate and legal investigation. We also work for a number of organisations in regard to their UK interests. We work for many US and Canadian clients, researching companies, watching employees and spouses, tracing people and taking fingerprints for VISA and US legislation


Many Canadian residents are anxious to trace their routes in England, especially in regard to adoption issues. We provide sensitive discreet help. Canada's links with the Uk are extensive - many UK Nationals choose to emigrate to Canada, leaving their roots behind. We have sensitively dealt with many tracing and adoption research enquiries, some of them extending through the UK & Europe

Private Investigator

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