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Casablanca Private Detective (Détective Privé) in Morocco. Telephone 01483 200999 (if calling from abroad call +44 1483 200999, or email

Investigation in casablanca requires unique skills and experience, gained from our working extensively on cases involving Morocco

Casablanca powers Morocco's economy; major commercial enterprises produce and trade phosphates, fishing, canning while Casablanca is home to Morocco's major companies including Royal Air Maroc.

Corporate Investigation is therefore a major factor although care needs to be taken when operating and complying with Moroccan legislation

For more information about our investigation work in Tangier, Marrakech and Agadir please see below

Investigation in Morocco in Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir. Fluent language skills and local working knowledge

Private Investigator Morocco Détective Privé

The most popular destination for tourists, Marrakech has often been the focus of matrimonial or infidelity investigation

Private Investigator Marrakech Détective Privé

We have worked in Agadir on cases ranging from surveillance of a sex tourist to checking the (false) credentials of a bride-to-be

Private Investigator Agadir Détective Privé

Private Detective working in Tangier with local connections

Private Investigator Tangier Détective Privé

Our Corporate experience for companies operating in or doing business in Casablanca

Corporate Investigation

We are equally well placed to resolve personal matters involving Casablanca

Private Investigation

Building a case for a defence against criminal charges in Casablanca and Morocco

Private Investigator evidencing defence in criminal cases in Morocco  Détective Privé
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