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Answers Investigation have been providing investigative services for more than 25 years. Please call us on (freephone) 020 7158 0332 or talk to an Investigator locally on the contact numbers here. If you prefer, you can send an email to


Answers Investigation, Private detectives for 25 years are straightforward, professional Investigators with whom you can talk, discuss and engage. We have a significant presence in London, in Surrey, in Hampshire, in Berkshire, in Sussex and in Dorset. You can visit us at physical offices (yes, a real office) in

  • City of London (Cannon Street)
  • London (Charing Cross)
  • London (Soho)
  • Surrey
  • Hampshire
  • A post covid environment has seen many changes to the working practices of companies in the UK, with new issues for employers and many new personal issues. We continue to respect people's safety and to practice in a responsible manner, whether engaged in process serving or surveillance , criminal defence or any other matter

    Our front page shows links to the many sectors and areas of investigation we deal with - and the diverse locations in the UK, Europe and further afield. Our website is the most comprehensive Investigation site in the UK - which is why we are an award winning company

    We are always pleased to talk a matter though over the telephone, or we can set up a zoom meeting for you

    Digital enhancement by trained and expert Sound Engineer to enhance the quality of an audio recording

    Audio enhancement of poor quality audio

    Discreet and confidential investigation of any personal investigation, no matter the complexity or controversy of the issue

    Private Investigation

    Solving problems that arise in a corporate environment such as the dishonest employee or aggressive competitor

    Corporate Investigation

    More than just Process Serving legal documents, we have a raft of support services for firms of solcitors in the UK and abroad


    Fingerprint Services for FBI, FINRA and Criminal Records clearance and as an evidential tool in investigation, producing irrefutable evidence


    Criminal investigation on behalf of victims of crime, and building evidence of Criminal defence for those wrongly accused in the UK and abroad

    Criminal Investigation and Criminal Defence

    Efficient Vehicle Tracker (unlike cheap alternatives you will see on the internet) installed and monitored by experienced Private Detectives

    Electronic Vehicle Tracker

    How much does it cost to hire a Private Detective - Open and Clear Pricing of all investigative services for corporate and private clients

    Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

    United Kingdom and International Process Server with 25 years experience, serving legal documents from County, High and Crown Court

    process Server Process serving legal papers

    Private Forensic investigation of Criminal Damage to commercial property and other items to ascertain the perpetraot

    Criminal Damage and vandalism Investigator

    Private Detective in Watford / Hertfordshire
    Tel: 01923 428475

    Watford hertfordshire Private Investigator

    In an age of eavesdropping bugs and covert video, our bug sweeping serviice at office or home becomes an important priority

    Counter surveillance bug sweep Tel: 020 7158 0332

    Answers Investigaton have 25 years experience in professionally tracing people for a variety of reasons both private and commercial

    Private Detectives tracing and locating people

    Private Investigators in London
    Tel: 020 8479 3384

    London Private Detective

    Reliable and honest discreet investigation in North Africa - Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt - handled by Investigators with experience

    Private Detective in North Africa

    Answers Investigation are unique in their provision of Specialist Investigative services, from Forensics to IT Investigation and more

    Specialist Investigation

    Recovering data and deleted messages from a Mobile Phone, including wahtasapp, messaging, pictures, videos and media

    Mobile Telephone forensic analsysis

    A brief guide to preserving computer evidence for examination to ensure potentially vital indicators are available for investigation

    Forensic Computer Investigation Private Detective

    Private Detective in Dorset / Wiltshire
    Tel: 01202 366156

    Dorset Wiltshire Private Investigator

    Protecting your Alcohol licence - onsite training in Challenge 25 for your staff to ensure they are up to speed with Alcohol legislation

    Challenge 25 -  training and test purchasing in age related sales

    Sensitive handling of Matrimonial matters and other personal issues that need discretion and careful management

    Private Detective Infidelity affairs

    From time to time we have sought after vacancies for some of the career roles at Answers Investigation and UK Fingerprint

    Fingerprinting Technician Investigator vacancies

    London office next to Trafalgar Square
    Tel: 020 7158 0332

    Trafalgar Square Private Detective

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