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As restrictions are eased we continue to provide a full service. Please call us on (freephone) 020 7158 0332 or talk to an Investigator locally on the contact numbers here. If you prefer, you can send an email to

The lifting of restrictions in the UK creates many new issues for employers and many new personal issues. We continue to respect people's safety and to practice in a responsible manner, whether engaged in process serving or surveillance , criminal defence or any other matter

Process Serving: Without transgressing Government directives, we are providing Process Serving in an acceptable manner – the principle being to avoid any form of personal contact within a two metre distance and any form of social contact with any other person. Staff are equipped with PPE when serving legal documents

Answers Investigation, Private detectives for 25 years are straightforward, professional Investigators with whom you can talk, discuss and engage. We have a significant presence in London, in Surrey, in Hampshire, in Berkshire, in Sussex and in Dorset. You can visit us at physical offices (not someone's kitchen) in London (Charing Cross), Surrey or Hampshire

Our front page shows links to the many sectors and areas of investigation we deal with, our website being the most comprehensive Investigation site in the UK - which is why we are an award winning company

We are always pleased to talk a matter though over the telephone, or we can set up a zoom meeting for you

Investigative examination of Computers and IT systems, restoring deleted files and collating evidence from hard drives

Computer Investigation and Forensics

Discreet and confidential investigation of any personal investigation, no matter the complexity or controversy of the issue

Private Investigation

Solving problems that arise in a corporate environment such as the dishonest employee or aggressive competitor

Corporate Investigation

More than just Process Serving legal documents, we have a raft of support services for firms of solcitors in the UK and abroad


Fingerprint Services for FBI, FINRA & Criminal Records clearance and as an evidential tool in investigation, producing irrefutable evidence


Criminal investigation on behalf of victims of crime, and building evidence of Criminal defence for those wrongly accused in the UK & abroad

Criminal Investigation and Criminal Defence

Efficient Vehicle Tracker (unlike cheap alternatives you will see on the internet) installed and monitored by experienced Private Detectives

Electronic Vehicle Tracker

How much does it cost to hire a Private Detective - Open and Clear Pricing of all investigative services for corporate and private clients

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

Private Detective in Madrid & Spain - we know both the capital and country well, and have worked extensively throughout Spain

Private Investigator in Madrid and Spain

Computer Investigation by Answers Investigation leads to a legal case as reported in South East Business Magazine

Private Detectives investigating Computer misuse and database theft

Private Investigation in Santa Cruz, Tenerife with a Canary Islands born Investigator on our staff we integrate with the community and achieve results

Santa Cruz Tenerife Private Detective

Many of our Private Detectives have become Sherlock over the years - see just some of the examples of the real life Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes lives

Have you become a victim of Blackmail ? We will find a way to resolve the issue without causing the threats to be carried out or causing you embarrassment

Blackmail victims Private Detective

On-site course training in Challenge 25 in how to handle potential under age sales and not fall foul of the authorities

Challenge 25 -  training and test purchasing in age related sales

Turning a poor quality recording into something potentially more audible through Digital Enhancement, the result easier to hear

Audio enhancement of poor quality audio

Process Server across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Singapore, Gibraltar for all forms of legal documentation

process Server Process serving serving legal papers

Electronic and Physical eavesropping sweep and counter surveillance with a full assessment and premises / home inspection at a fixed price

Counter surveillance bug sweep Tel: 020 7158 0332

Analysing and recovering data from Mobile Telephones, recovering deleted files, text messages, images, video records and other information

Mobile Telephone forensic analsysis

We work with victims of assault and help those falsely charged with assault, building a viable and proven defence

Criminal Violence and assault

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