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Investigation in the Middle East requires careful and sensitive handling; we work for many Dubai organisations in London & physically work within the Emirate

The cultural sensitivity of conducting business in Dubai often means that local investigation is unreliable; consequently we are contracted by a number of companies based in Dubai to conduct investigation both locally and in Europe, for computer forensic investigation where the content would potentially cause embarrassment to employers under local law.

We are au fait with business and finance practices and effect business and private/personal investigations involving corporate and family matters. This may involve multiple disciplines of surveillance, computer forensics, tracing, financial investigation etc, all handled in-house

The UAE Legal system can be complex and unwieldy, causing obstruction to service of legal papers. If serving documents in the Middle East that are derived from English / USA courts we can serve personally by travelling in to the emirate - cheapper and certainly quicker

Process Serving Dubai

Strict rules apply regarding the handling of computer information in Dubai. When asked to investigate a computer we will apply Computer Forensic skills by cloning the machine and then applying our forensic skills outside of the Emirate, not falling foul of local legislation

Computer Analysis Dubai

Fingerprint Services available for Dubai clients, compiling forensic evidence. We also provide fingerprint records for those requiring a Police Certificate of Criminal Records Clearance in Dubai

Fingerprinting Dubai

Surveillance of Dubai Nationals in London and the UK, for business reasons & sensitive personal issues. Observation is comprehensive but discreet, gaining information vital to personal matters or in making an informed business decision

Surveillance Dubai

Local investigation in the Middle East is unreliable; given the cultural sensitivity of conducting business in the Middle East, we conduct reliable investigation both locally and in Europe


We know business and finance practices in Abu Dhabi and have worked in the Emirate, gaining local contacts and obtaining a thorough familiarity with the environment

Private Investigator ABU DHABI إمارة أبو ظبي

We vet prospective employees for Saudi organisations, especially where the individual is likely to be working in a position of responsibility for Saudi companies with interests in the UK


Handling UK matters for Kuwaiti clients, including the wellbeing or activities of children educated in the UK and Europe


Investigation in the UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras al-Kaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain - requires experience in the regions


Prompt and efficient serving of legal documents in the Middle East, avoiding time delays and expensive translation costs

Process Serving Dubai
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