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We often talk to Business and Dinner clubs about working as Private Detectives. A fun talk, entertaining, and free of charge. Call us on 01483 200999 or email Answers Investigation have local sites in London, in Surrey & in Hampshire & other locations across the UK

Our industry is often fascinating to the outsider - we are frequently asked to give after dinner talks for business and social clubs (without transgressing any confidentiality)


If you have a club, business group, society, rotary, lunch group or club and are looking for general interest speakers we will always be pleased to come along and make a presentation to you

We are very aware that people's perception of our industry is often, perhaps, based more on Magnum and Marlowe than that of our modern real-life working environment and we welcome the opportunity to change some of the misconceptions!
We do not normally charge for speaking, however if you feel it appropriate, we support a charitable hospice who will always welcome donations

Please call us on 01483 200999

Reigate Womens Institute - where chocolate cake is an attraction
Basepoint Business Bournemouth - talking to Basepoint Business Hub
Basepoint Business Swindon
Basepoint Business Eastcote - talking to Basepoint Business Hub
Farnham Weyside Rotary at the Bush Hotel, Farnham
First Friday in Petersfield at Follys Wine Bar
Fordingbridge Rotary at the Avonway Community Centre
Horsham Rotary Club - after dinner speaking at the Roffey Institute
Leatherhead Rotary Club - after dinner speaking at the Police Federation
Littlehampton Rotary Club - relating West Sussex Investigation
Ripley Rotary Club, 'Life of a Private Detective'
Shepperton Rotary Club - after dinner speaking at the Holiday Inn
Staines Rotary Club - after dinner speaking at the Mercure Hotel

"Dear Harry. This thank you letter is going to be a real pleasure to write! Well your talk went down a storm. So many positive comments were received and I have never known so many “to the point” questions asked before. You pitched and read the room perfectly, talk was very interesting and sprinkled with humour, whilst keeping the data protection laws intact, no mean feat these days! How can we have been so lucky to have such a brilliant speaker and at such short notice. I hope the chocolate cake travelled well, if it didn’t please don’t tell me. Suffice to say, if any of the 53 members who attended need a detective, you are the people to call. Again, thank you Harry for making my day and the Reigate afternoon WI a memorable one. I am off to some detective work myself. Now who supplied you with those pictures of Reigate’s most wanted?" Love and warmest wishes. Yvonne Duley, Reigate Womens Institute

"Thank you so much for your letter, sent to Roffey Park, which I only received yesterday evening. Thank you too for your kind words and may I say grateful thanks to you and Steve for giving the talk the previous Thursday. It was most interesting and informative, and I'm sure changed a lot of peoples perception of private investigators! I thought that Steve gave a really informed overview of the business, and with confidence and great authority, considering he is so new to the job. No doubt he will go far and we wish him every success. Thank you also for the leaflets, which I managed to hand out to members at last evenings meeting. I'm pleased that you enjoyed your visit to our club ... and no apology necessary for the jokes. It's good to have a light hearted presentation, particularly on a serious subject. Thank you again" Best Regards, Derek Bradnum, Speakers Secretary, Horsham Rotary Club

"Many thanks again for venturing north of the river to tell us about your work and investigations. It was an interesting tale with a number of echoes in experiences of our members. I think you’re wrong in comparing yourselves unfavourably with Sherlock and Maigret. Your efforts to right wrongs are up there with them! Best Regards, Peter". Thank you again" Best Regards, Peter, Speakers Secretary, Staines Rotary Club

"We found your presentation both entertaining and interesting and it gave us a comprehensive insight into work you undertake" Carol Geary, Secretary, Verwood & Three Legged Cross Twinning Association

"Hello Olivia; Try as I might I have not found an e-mail address for Andrew Cross himself so would you please pass on our thanks to him from Locks Heath Rotary. He gave a very interesting and amusing talk which went down very well with our members. I believe that at least one member was going to get in touch with him again. He also knew of someone in the same field of detective work as our President elect. Anyway thank you for arranging the speaker for us, and sorry as we are not to have met you ,we certainly didn't miss out having just Andrew. Many thanks to Andrew again" Penny and Paul Scarbro (speaker secretaries) Locks Heath Rotary

"Dear Mike, I would like to formally thank you and Andy for your presentation to our club yesterday evening. It was a most enjoyable and informative event which gave us an insight into the world of the Private Detective that we did not have previously" Kind regards Lynden Jones, speakers Secretary, Rotary Club of Basingstoke

"The young lady who gave us the talk was very good" Hambledon Wednesday Afternoon Group

"I abhor the modern fashion for communicating by email but as I do not have your “snail mail” address, please accept this missive as an enormous thank you from the NHS Fellowship for a very interesting and enjoyable morning on 16th April.  I had great feed-back, and have been asked to arrange a return visit at some time.  When I get organised enough to think about 2010 (I do not want to wish life away!) may I contact you again for a return session? Hopefully I will be able to meet you on that occasion! Thank you from the Fellowship, and I look forward to being in touch in due course"   Best wishes.  Quita King (Programme Organiser/Newsletter Editor)

"Just a note to say thank you so much for taking the time to come and speak to us. We all realise the effort involved in preparing such an informative talk and are very grateful for your time and that you came and met us Yours sincerely Terry Smith Speaker Secretary " Woking Rotary

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the very entertaining talk you gave to Ladies Club. We hope you enjoyed dinner and the time you spent at the Hotel, and maybe at a later date you would like to join us again. Kind regards Jan Williams Ladies Club Alresford " Swan Hotel Ladies Club

"Just arrived back and I would like to thank you for the kind words in your letter which will be passed around the members at the next meeting. There is little doubt that PS will be most appreciative of your offer of support and will advise you of the final outcome. I feel sure that if any of the Rotarians need the services you offer you will be high on the list. Once again many thanks for the time you both gave to visit and talk to us. Very best wishes John Hicks " New Malden Rotary

"Dear Nigel, Many thanks for visiting our club with Andy and for those members that could attend that evening I am asked to thank you for your time. The discussion was good. If any member of your organisation is raising funds at any time for charitable purposes in the area please do no thesitate to contact us to see if we can make some donation. Yours sincerely Angus Farquhar FRICS FAAV " Rotary Club of Billingshurst

"Dear Andy, Thank you very much for giving up your valuable time to speak to our lunch meeting on Tuesday. Our members were fascinated to hear something of the inside story of the life of a private investigator. I believe this is a worthwhile investment on behalf of your company and on behalf of the legitimate segment of the industry. I hope you enjoyed the lunch. Good luck with the business and your efforts to improve the image of the industry. With very best wishes, Peter D Evans" Rotary Club of Dorking

"Dear Andy, I am late in thanking you and Nigel  for your talk to the Rotary Club of Cranleigh on 30 August.  While I am sorry that private detective work is not all fast cars or luring suspects with beautiful girls we now have a much clearer idea of the range of interesting work you do.  I suspect that some of your best stories (like mine, when I investigate engineering failures) have to stay confidential, but thanks for providing an entertaining talk nevertheless" Best regards John Greenwood

"Dear Andrew and Nigel, May I once again thank you for giving us such a comprehensive and enlightening talk - I say talk, but accompanied by such a very professional presentation - about you particular line of country; I hope you can have had no doubts about our interest; it was fascinating, and very instructive, to hear about the life of a modern day gumshoe, and to clear away the misconceptions that I'm sure most of us had! As I said on the evening, it is always a Programme Secretary's dream to find speakers with great audience appeal, and no problems. Many thanks from all of us for your time; I hope you too enjoyed the evening?" Sincerely, David Scholes, Programme Secretary The Rotary Club of Godalming Woolsack

"Dear Nigel, I am most grateful to you, Jeremy and Andrew for coming to club last night and giving us such an interesting insight into the work of the private investigator. It was enhanced by the power point presentation illustrating the work that is carried out by your operatives from teenage girls to pensioners. You will realise the amount of interest you generated by the number of questions afterwards" David T S King, President Rotary Club of Sutton Nonsuch

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