Harry Watts Private Detective
Harry Watts Private Investigator

Harry Watts, P.I.

Harry Watts is a Private Detective at Answers Investigation. You can contact him on n 01483 200999 or send him an email at harry@private-detectives.co.uk.

Private Detective Harry Watts was a finalist in the IOD Director of the Year Awards

Harry says:

My career at Answers Investigation has quickly turned from an internship, into a labour of lucrative delight that I have developed over the last six years. There is no better sense of achievement than that of helping the people who have perhaps been down a long and unfortunate road before coming to us. Every day is different, operations range from the straightforward fingerprint collection, to the five-hour surveillance at a top corporate industry in the heart of London

Advancement of technology means that the backbone of what we do can surface from behind a keyboard. However, there’s nothing that’ll get the heart pumping more than a covert pursuit through bustling streets on foreign soil, after all, investigations can lead you all over the globe!

Investigation to me has always been finding out the root causes to problems that people face every day. Here at Answers I can do just that. No, it’s not the fancy scenes you’ve seen in the latest Bond movie, but that’s not what our work here is about, its tackling real issues, with real people at its core

I studied Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Portsmouth. Whilst gaining vital understandings and expertise in the criminal justice sector, I always thought I could provide more to the world than just sifting through textbooks. The world is never as clear cut as it may seem, so originations like ours (only the good ones!) provide the clarity that businesses and clients crave, whilst offering out a joyous experience.

The development of the relations with clients can lead to serious connections not only with the business, but for the growth of your own personal skills. For myself I can say that in my short tenure here at Answers, I have immensely progressed in all my abilities and talents, discovering a real confidence in what I do. To those who haven’t explored the private sector due to perhaps a fear of the unknown or indeed a lack of knowledge, I challenge you to do something different such as I did, and perhaps you will find the right path for you

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