Hate Mail &
Blackmail Letters

Determining the sender of hate mail, blackmail letters and malicious mail - telephone 020 7158 0332 to speak to a forensic Investigator or email info@private-detectives.co.uk

Whether written by hand, or by email or text, malicious mail can scar those it intends to hurt with slander that does not go away

Private Detective investigating hate mail, blackmail letters and malicious mail

Through our specialist forensic examination team, we work to uncover fingerprints related to the subject in question. Latent prints can be gathered from almost any suffice as long as the right conditions are met. Once fingerprints have been retrieved off the malicious item, comparison prints can be made form other items used or from the perpetrator themselves. Our work in this area heavily coincides with theft and burglary cases and so we have a multitude of experience in the field. Answers Investigation is one of the only in-house fingerprinting specialists here in the UK with our team working on a plethora of cases every hear involving forensic treatment

Forensic work is not all we provide; other services exist that assist in malicious mail cases, involving physical enquires. Whether it be the gathering of witness statements, or tracing routes, we have the resources to a find a solution to the problem. If the suspect is known, tracing enquires can determine work or residential linkage. Witness accounts and evidence corroboration can lead to the definitive truth of showing if foul play has occurred. This evidence can provide the workplace or person with a means to prosecute or to achieve an alternative result as they so desire, which we of course can help facilitate

Contact 020 7158 0332 to speak to an Investigator or email info@private-detectives.co.uk for more information. The actions of the wrongful person or staff member does not need to be the stress of safety in the home or the HR workplace

Investigative skills used to compile defence evidence on behalf of those charged with a criminal offence or allegation

Corporate Investigation

Investigation of Criminal Matters that may not be followed through by the authorities, providing a chargeable case

private Detective involved in Criminal Investigation

Recovery of sums lost through internet & other fraud and identification of thos responsible

Recovering money lost through fraud

Investigation of assault and violent crime on behalf of victims & those wrongly charged

Violent and other Assault Victims

Forensic investigation of burglary and theft to identify how and who

Theft in the Workplace and theft at home

Helping victims of illegal Stalking and harrassment, identifying & stopping the person responsible

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

Computer Investigation evidence is 100% mathematical and irrefutable

Forensic examination of computer misuse at work and home

Criminal Damage to a person's property will often go uninvestigated - talk to us

Private Investigation of criminal damage
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