Criminal Defence

Obtaining evidence in defence of persons accused of Criminal Acts - for professional help call 020 7158 0332 to speak to an Investigator or email

With a knowledge of criminal defence cases and the abilities of our professionally rounded investigators, we are assigned many criminal defence disputes by the legal profession on a regular basis. Those still without legal support, can also gain from having our team analyse and gather the evidence needed to defend action wrongly brought against. As seen in our above example, far too often is the true evidence sort after, only to fall short of expectation, which can lead to an injustice in the law

Finding evidence against criminal charges

Freedom of information enquiries report that out of all the cases of wrongful conviction between 2007 to 2017 in Northern Ireland, at least half who had their convictions overturned did in fact spend some time in prison (BBC, 2019). The adversarial system in the UK can be used to present evidence, contrary to that of the expert witness, which can leave the jury to decide the outcome, but in our usage in disputes, has led to the sentence quashed altogether

We have provided evidence in defence of criminal claims both in the UK and extensively abroad in Europe and North Africa

Unorthodox or unused avenues can give the case new light and the enabling of our veteran skills and services, could be the factor in righting an injustice that will plague your life forever, if unsolved. Many of our strengths can be found in physical enquires, such as witness statements, research and forensic analysis. In addition, this informational world can provide desk-based operations which can assist in providing reports for legal examination. The holistic overview of a case will leave no detail untouched and all possible action taken to get the result you desire

If you are a legal representative, a business or self-representing in a case, speak to our defence investigators today on 020 7158 0332 or email for more information. Let us be the best defence in preventing injustice in any legal proceedings

Private employment of Criminal Investigation is a viable option before or after the Police do not follow up on a case,

private Detective involved in Criminal Investigation

Investigating vandalism and deliberate Criminal Damage at business premises and at home, without delay, & identifying the perpetrator

Private Investigation of criminal damage

Theft Investigation within the workplace or at home for businesses and private individuals, using foresnic techniques

Theft in the Workplace and theft at home

Obtaining justice for British, European & Amercian Nationals arrested abroad who are not receiving adequate defence

Corporate Investigation

Hate mail and Malicious mail are serious and harassing crimes that are often not brought to justice. We help the victims

Hate Mail and Mailcious Mail

Obtaining evidence of serious and other assault at home and abroad for both victim and people innocently accused

Violent and other Assault Victims

Stalking is a serious crime, but one that often goes unproven - we provide and find the evidence of the perpetrator to give you pieace of mind

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

Victims of fraud and internet scams have been able to recover losses as a result of our investigation, with criminals brought to justice

Recovering money lost through fraud

Computer Forensic investigation provides factual evidence of wrongdoing and concrete evidence in litigation cases

Forensic examination of computer misuse at work and home
Private Investigator

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