Fraud Investigation

Investigating and recovering losses arising from fraud telephone 020 7158 0332 to speak to an Investigator or email

Fraud by false representation, by the failure to disclose information and from the abuse of position, are the main infringements relating to the Fraud Act 2006

If a contract looks too good to be genuine, the most likely outcome is that it is fraudulent in nature. We have assisted many clients who have been defrauded by those they do not know, but often by someone that they do know

Private Detective investigating fraud

Action Fraud UK (2018) suggest that 1 in 6 offences are based on actions of online fraud and common fraud, whilst UK Finance (2019) reports criminals successfully stole £1.2 billion in 2018 alone, through fraud and scams. A commonly occurring and a financially debilitating crime

Phishing emails are a common threat. These are emails that are based on genuine companies or services you use. Designed is such a way to appear real, the real intention, is to persuade you into handing over personal information and data for their own personal gain. These emails can impact the individual and the big corporate entities, with over 68% of all phishing scams coming from emails

It is not just phishing that creates problems. Many clientele have approached us after being defrauded of large amounts of money. Some cases involved contracts where the person refused to pay back, other victims simply saw their debtor disappear in an instance. Our tracing work has helped track down fraudsters and uncover assets our clients have used to get their money back even by those who use false identities to steal money. The paper trail can always lead to the start of you obtaining back money given under false pretences or inherently stolen

Regarding corporate crime, statistics form England and Wales 2015/16 detail that thefts from businesses make up almost 90% of business crime. However, the more alarming statistics is that robberies and burglaries actual make up 40% of the entire costs of corporate crime, at £2bn and £1.6bn respectively

This is an ever-developing issue with our corporate cliental and so we strive to build a relationship in which we can not only assist them with finding the cause once and issue arises, but how to better protect themselves from further harm by training and awareness

Call 020 7158 0332 to speak to an Investigator or email for more information. Do not wait to get back what is rightfully yours

Evidence gathering, witness statements, scene rebuilding in defence of those charged with a criminal act

Corporate Investigation

Criminal Investigation for the corporate or private client of matters that the Police authorities may not have the resource to follow through

private Detective involved in Criminal Investigation

Criminal Defence Investigation who are not receiving adequate defencefor those arrested and /or incarcerated overseas

Corporate Investigation

Identifying the senders of Hate mail and Malicious mail used for harrassment and blackmail, through investigation & forensic analysis

Hate Mail and Mailcious Mail

Forensic and other investigation applied to burglary and theft to identify methodology and the perpetrator - and recover your losses

Theft in the Workplace and theft at home

Providing peace of mind for victims of illegal Stalking and harrassment, identifying the person wielding attritional power

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

Computers do not tell lies, but require forensic expertise to uncover the secrets they have hidden that are unseen to the average user

Forensic examination of computer misuse at work and home

Dramatic or targetted, Criminal Damage to property can leave the owner vulnerable; we use investigative skills to identify the culprit

Private Investigation of criminal damage
Private Investigator

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