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As the use of technology grows in everyday environments, so does the negative and criminal uses of the new resources at our disposal

Forensic examination of computer misuse at work and home

Individuals and business can be attacked at any point through an infection of any software. Rootkits and malicious malware can cripple computer systems sometimes beyond repair. This attack does not only leave the data of your clients at peril but is costing you countless manhours and money to solve the issue at hand

Answers Investigation is one of the only few in-house forensic computing detective agencies. We can utilise the machine to find out the root cause of the infection and wipe it out

It’s not just machines that cause an issue, it is those who control them. The criminal use of a machine, whether it is theirs or your own, can amount to a variety of technological crime. Identity theft, malware intrusion, financial fraud and the misuse of data or pictures, are the main sources of criminal acts when deal with technology. However, all is not lost

A computer, being a machine, carries with it the unique setting of processing any information and usage. When undertaking computer forensics, copies of the machine are made as to not tamper with the original product. Upon dissecting the hardware and software, information can be complied to obtain messages, data and pictures relating to any evidence you may desire. Whether it’s the resolution of an infection or the retrieval of evidential data, Answers Investigation is on hand to deal with this technological misconduct

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Without compromising Police Investigation, our experience in Criminal Investigation facilitates a conclusion to unresolved crime

private Detective involved in Criminal Investigation

Providing and evidencing a defence case for those accused or charged by the Criminal Justice system, in conjunction with legal firms

Private Investigation

Investigation of theft at home and theft in business, combining forensics and investigative enquiry, tracing and statements

Theft in the Workplace and theft at home

Defeating the oppressive scourge of anonymous malicious mail using forensic and other techniques to identify the sender

Hate Mail and Mailcious Mail

Collating detailed evidence in assault cases in defence of spurious allegation to support the Defendant and Complainant

Violent and other Assault Victims

Stalking and Harrassment, while defined criminal acts, do not always get brought to task, an area where our assistance can be key

Cost of Hiring a Private Investigator

We have identified the perpetrators of fraud and internet scams and recovered losses for bothe companies and individuals

Recovering money lost through fraud

Forensically assessing Criminal Damage - from vandalism to deliberate road traffic accident - with evidential impact

Identifying the perpetrator of criminal damage

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