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Stalking and Harassment are malicious crimes punishable when we obtain evidence and prove the identity of the perpetrator - telephone 020 7158 0332 to speak to a detective or email

ONS Statistics (2019) stated that over 20% of all recorded police violence cases pertained to stalking or harassment cases

Private Detective identifying and proving a stalker with evidence

A person or groups behaviour can be obsessional and irrational at times and lead them to develop an unwanted relationship. Along with previous legal laws in place to combat stalking and harassment, the new Stalking Protection Act 2019 allows for an order to prevent the actions involved in stalking from any persons. Our investigators can help provide the evidence needed to apply for the stalking order or to furthermore, provide a case against the offender

We provide the evidential result, fit to your needs and our investigators will help provide discretion and sensitivity to a matter that has brought you an uncomforting time. Many cases are left unreported to due the fear of victims being found out and potentially harmed further. However, with discretion and the right approach, offenders can be stopped without the need for publicity or the courts

Definition of the law pertaining to stalking can be seen here

Harassment and stalking take place not only on the streets but in the workplace. Although some areas can be difficult to access, efforts can still be made to investigate the matter thoroughly. Many parliamentary publications examine that employers do not have the right protections in place and that it can vary dramatically between your employment status and who the harasser is. All cases should receive the fair judgement and be explored with an open but sensitive nature

We also operate for the LGBT community under our Pink Detective banner. You should never feel like your circumstances should jeapordise support and help you were you when you need it the most. Certain relationships may require certain solutions, some Answers Investigation have been providing for 25 years in the business of dealing with people

Contact 020 7158 0332 to speak to an Investigator or email Don’t let someone else’s actions bring a cloud over your daily routine

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