Assault and Violence

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Violence can form at any given point. Whether it arises in the household, on the streets or in the workplace, it should not be tolerated. Low levels of assault and battery can still leave a lasting effect on the person, especially if they were sexually driven or happened whilst under the influence

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The Office for National Statistics (2019) state that there is evidence of increasing greater harm violent offences around the country. Homicide rates have also increased, along with recorded mentions of offences including knives or sharp objects. Overall, there was a 19% increase from 2017-18

Finding the individual or group responsible can be the first step to finding justice. However, in some instances, the perpetrator is known, which despite its awful nature, provides a staring point of the investigation. Our research team can help trace down the individual and dedicated detectives can use obtained evidence to help build you a portfolio to enter any personal settlement or legal proceeding

Over half the reported incidents of violence were also made by repeat victims. Cases involving domestic violence or an acquaintance or family member, known by the victim, is likely to go unreported to the police because of the inherent fear of more violence.

Given the elements to violence and the necessities of the enquiry, your case may not have been explored to depth you require. If you have been told that your problem can not be assessed or taken any further, this may not the true and we will endeavour to find a solution. Whether starting through a trace inquiry, or the holistic entirety of a case, every avenue can be explored to get the result you desire

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