Fingerprinting Hate Mail and Malicious Mail

Malicious Mail

Hate Mail and Malicious Mail have a devastating effect. By Fingerprinting items we can identify the sender. Call us on 020 7158 0332 or Email us at

Fingerprint Evidence in malicious and hate mail

Paper items such as anonymous hate mail and malicious mail can be treated for fingerprints and the resultant prints compared to a control item to identify the sender of malicious and hate mail

Prints may last on some surfaces for up to 40 years


Anonymous letters sent at work will have a detrimental effect on your company's morale. We help HR departments to identify the culprit

Private Investigation

Receiving hate mail is devastating - we have enabled many private clients to identify the sender in a manner that is confidential

Fingerprint Evidence

Conjecture is one thing, but firm evidence through fingerprinting enables better decisions to be made in tackling a difficult issue

examinaing handwriting for evidence

The application of handwriting analysis can limit the number of suspects in a malicious mail matter

Computer Investigation, IT Forensics, rebuilding deleted files, restoring images

Investigation of a computers hard drive provides hard evidence of a perpetrators guilt

Mobile Phone forensics - recovering data from mobile phones

Examining a mobile phone with a forensic analysis suite will demonstrate the sender of malicious texts

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