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Investigation in Cordoba, Spain - Call us on +44 (0)14 83 20 09 99 or send an email to

Córdoba Private Investigator
Detective Privado

Having conducted surveillance operations and traced and served people to serve legal papers in Córdoba we have become familiar with the city as we have with many other areas of Spain

Able to work smoothly and unobtrusively whether the issue involves English or European visitors, or local business people, we are confident of producing a first class result (as we have done) every time

Working confidently in the local environment, we will achieve the results you are striving to obtain

Process Server spain

Effecting service of legal documents in Spain cost effectively and without translation delay

James Harris Kyle Thain released on bail

Collating and finding evidence in defence of legal cases brought in Spain

Property searches in Spain 
Registradores de España

We conduct property searches in Spain by the person or company's name or locality

Private Investigator Spain Detective Privado Espana

Resolving difficult and unsual investigative issues on the Spanish mainland as well as the islands of Majorca, Mallorca and Ibiza; we have worked in everything from surveillance to crime investigation

Spain Private Investigator Detective Privado Islas Canarias

We have worked in the Canary Islands on many occasions, in Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, using our skills on lengthy surveillance assignments & process serving

private investigator madrid detective privado

Investigation in Madrid is routine but requiring our experience in Spain and specialist skills, together with local contacts and affinity with how the city functions in commerce

private detective barcelona detective privado

Working as a Private Detective in Barcelona is a different environment from the UK, but not an unfalimiar one

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