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Investigation in Tenerife - Private Investigators working in the Canary Islands for commercial, legal and private clients. Call us on 020 7158 0332 [if calling from outside the Uk call +44 (0)20 7158 0332] or send an email to info@private-detectives.co.uk.

Investigative service in Tenerife and the Canary Islands

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Islas Canarias

We have worked in and travelled to Tenerife for an extended period, gaining valuable experience as to the environment and how to move unobtrusively without detection, in Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz and both airports. Access from the UK is straightforward and flights direct

As well as a considerable ex-pat community, Tenerife is host to many UK, German and Spanish tourists

Having worked on the island, investigation takes on a very different makeup from the other islands given the nature of the tourists who visit

Santa Cruz is the business centre of the island, contrasting with tourist towns, creating a demand for commercial as well as personal investigation

Private Investigator Tenerife Santa Cruz

Using a villa base just outside of town, surveillance work in Puerto de la Cruz of tourists and locals is effective and comprehensive

Private Investigator Porte de Cruz tenerife

Discreet, confidential and professional surveillance on the Island, blending with locals and tourists alike to provide you with information

Private Investigator Surveillance Spain

Kyle Thain and James Harris were arrested in Spain and charged with attempted murder. Held in custody without charge, potentially for up to four years, repeated bail applications were refused

James Harris Kyle Thain released on bail

Process Service of English legal documents in Spain is expensive and cost-prohibitive. It is cheaper, if the documents are from a UK court, for one of our process servers to travel to effect service personally

Process Server spain

In 2013, police raided timeshare showrooms in Gran Canaria, arresting nearly 60 people including Paula Beatson for allegedly helping organise a £4.3m timeshare fraud that targeted thousands of tourists

Paula beatson Timeshare scam

Our experience of working in the Canary Islands includes Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote, as well as the smaller islands

Spain Private Investigator Detective Privado Islas Canarias

We conduct property searches in Spain by the person or company's name or locality, in a municipality, province or across the country

Property searches in Spain 
Registradores de España

Resolving difficult and unsual investigative issues in Spain, Majorca, Mallorca and Ibiza; we have worked in everything from surveillance to crime investigation

Private Investigator Spain Detective Privado Espana

Raised in the Canary Islands, Private Investigator Andrea Cabrera Dominguez

private investigator spain detective privado

Private Investigator in Barcelona working for clients from the UK, Europe and USA

private detective barcelona detective privado

Surveillance operations and tracing people serve legal papers in Córdoba

private investigator cordoba detective privado

Routine and complex investigation in Madrid for commercial and legal clients

private investigator madrid detective privado
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