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Drug & Alcohol Misuse

20,000 young people become adult problematic drug users every year. As a parent you have influence on your children's views and behaviour, and a crucial role to play in identifying problem drug use

While communication between you and your children is highest priority sometimes the routes for talking break down or are obstacled by social barriers.This may be when accurate information is of most relevance in tackling the potential problems and when we can most help, possibly from discreet observation or from infiltrating their peer group or analysing information from computer forensics

We will not invade your child's right to privacy or unnecessarily intrude in their personal lives; you may however find yourselves in a situation whereby you do not have accurate information as to teenagers social activity and need to learn more. Our methods are sensitively deployed; the resources we use are thought-out, discreet, effective and often unique to us

What we will do is get to the bottom of the matter and provide concrete information with which you are able to make an informed decision about how to act, rather than relying on assumption or supposition. his may involve discreet surveillance, or in some cases carefully employing some of our younger investigators to work undercover and get closer to the individual; investigators have even attended the same AS college in order to achieve a result

Britain has developed an alcohol culture amongst young people - hardly surprising when supermarkets sell cheap alcohol and there is no fear of penalty amongst under-eighteens. Binge drinking and habitual over consumption of alcohol can lead to trouble; our experience in monitoring misuse and work with the licensed trade places us in a prime position to help you tackle personal issues within your family

Tackling Drink Spiking in clubs, pubs and universities as a prevention programme

Date Rape & Drink Spiking

Discreetly investigating the activity of Teenagers and Children

Investigation of teenagers and children
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