Teenagers/ Children

Investigative help for parents experiencing difficulties with teenagers & children. Call us on 020 7158 0332 or email info@private-detectives.co.uk

Many parents experience difficulties with teenagers, or threats to their welfare, and need assistance to verify the true circumstances of a situation. These are just some of the ways in which we provide sensitive help

Internet abuse

Who are your children talking to on the Internet? We have extensive experience in handling the effect of predators & protecting your child

alcohol drugs teenagers children

A drugs & alcohol culture is often beyond the reach of parents - we help to assess the detrimental effect of usage case by case

Dangers of the internet

Who do your children talk to? The dangers of internet message services and social networking, and the harm that can arise

Parental Responsibility Rights of Parents and Grandparents

Often involved in matters of custody and fair access, we have a throough knowledge of parental rights and how the systen gets abused

Computer  Investigation

In-house examination of a computer hard drive from which deleted files, images, messages and videos may be rebuilt and activity examined

Teenage Detectives

One of our assets in handling matters regarding teenagers and children is some of the younger detectives we train and encourage

BBC News Internet Grooming

We were at the forefront of bringing the dangers of Internet grooming to the public, exemplifued by theis BBC News report and operation

This Morning Teenagers

Private Investigatorss from Answers Investigation interviewed on This Morning on the subject of Child and teenager investigation

She Magazine Private Investigator

An interview in She Magazine on the difficulties of parenting and obtaining sensitive outside help to establish the true facts of a situation

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