Andrea Cabrera Dominguez Private Detective
Andrea Cabrera Dominguez Private Detective

Andrea Cabrera Dominguez
Private Detective

Andrea Cabrera Dominguez is a Spanish Private Detective with Answers Investigation. You can contact her on 01483 200999 or send email to

Andrea was born and grew up in Gran Canaria and of course uses her intimate knowledge of the Canary Islands for investigative work not just in Gran Canaria but also on Lanzarote, Tenerife and Fuerteventura - as well as the multitude of assignments we undertake in Madrid and across mainland Spain

In Andrea's words:

Applying to do my placement here, at Answers Investigation, was a small step to something big. I genuinely thought I would not fit in and that I was not going to be the person they needed, however, in a very short amount of time I have found out what it is like to get out of my comfort zone little by little, discovering skills I always knew I had but had not had the chance to show and boosting massively my self-confidence

I never thought I would end up doing my placement at Answers Investigation because when I started my Forensic Science course at Bournemouth University, I was very close minded and wanted to only focus on the forensics side of it, however I ended up here! And even though it is early days, I am very grateful to have been given the chance to carry on using my capabilities and knowledge to contribute to this P.I world

After going through the website to find out more about this business I discovered they had done numerous jobs in the Canary Islands which is where I am from, specifically I am from the prettiest one, Gran Canaria

This got me super excited as I felt like I could be a big part when it came to jobs in Spain. I have already used my language to help with one of their cases involving calling numerous hotels and it made me feel useful and helpful as it is one of the major things I could bring to this little world

I have loved my course since day one, however I have discovered the world beyond lectures and massive textbooks and have been introduced to the techniques and the hands-on experience I have been wanting for a very long time

Without even realizing it, I had accidentally found exactly what I was looking for, in an environment I feel comfortable at, doing things I would have never thought I would be doing and above all, feeling like part of the team since the beginning. I have met amazing, hard working people who have encouraged me to reach my potential and have believed in me and there are no words to describe how good that has made me feel and how much I am looking forwards to sharing with them many more little adventures

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