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Answers Investigation anti-drink spiking programme is geared toward prevention and advisement for Universities, business parties and bars/nightclubs

Our team will attend events and operate a high or low profile service whereby guests may have drinks tested at any time, discreetly and without charge. In a crowded event, team members are easily identifiable, and can be approached at any time, or may operate pro-actively. Drink spiking is when alcohol or another drug is added to your drink without you knowing. This results in you becoming drunk or drug affected unexpectedly. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be spiked, and it can happen at clubs, bars and at parties. Answers Investigation run a high profile awareness and prevention programme for Universities, clubs and companies

Drink spiking is prevalent at university student events, pubs, clubs and even at the office party. A National survey suggests one in four young women who regularly go to pubs, clubs and particularly University social events had their drinks spiked last year; as many as 30 women a week were potential rape victims after their drinks were spiked

Date rape or drug rape is when drugs are given to someone without their knowledge, with the aim of reducing their inhibitions or consciousness to a level where a sexual assault can take place. The drugs that are used (gamma-hydroxybutryate, or flunitrazepam) can be added to a drink in a pub, club, or even at a party. In alcohol they are odourless, colourless, and tasteless, and cause sedation or euphoria as quickly as 10 minutes after ingestion

  • Guests at the event feel reassured and confident
  • Doubt is eliminated
  • PR value demonstrates the organiser's commitment to providing a safe environment
  • the high profile of staff discourages and dissuades would-be perpetrators
  • Rohypnol, for example, is the brand name of a tranquilliser manufactured by Roche Pharmaceuticals and is available in Europe by prescription. It is from a family of chemicals, known as benzodiazepines and including valium and diazepam, which doctors prescribe to relieve anxiety, depression and insomnia. When used for prescription purposes these drugs can be of great benefit, but the risks arise when mixed with alcohol and other drugs - among other effects this can lead to 'blackouts' lasting between eight and 24 hours. Roche Pharmaceuticals have tried to counter the use of this drug by date rapists by adding a blue dye to the tablets, but the findings suggest this has not been effective. In any event, counterfeit drugs will not contain a dye or indicator

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