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Corporate Investigation

Fingerprinting in Business environments to obtain evidence of wrongdoing by employees or staff. Telephone 020 7158 0332 or Email

Fingerprint Evidence

It is important that companies can trust the people they employ to act on their behalf. Unfortunately even the most cautious employer may find themselves the victim of fraud, theft or dishonesty. You may even need added security controls for those who have access to sensitive information

Answers Investigation provide you with additional security solutions. Our professional fingerprint operatives will visit your business premises and are able to make fingerprint record cards for some or all of your employees. In addition we are also able to help you create an electronic database of this information for you to keep on your premises or we can securely store the information on site until such a time that it is required

Do you believe that one or more of your employees have been accessing sensitive information or documents that they are not authorised to view? Perhaps an internal party has attempted to force entry into a restricted area (safe, private office, desk drawers etc). It is often the case that involving the police in these issues can be severely detrimental to staff morale and trust

Comparison and analysis of prints will identify a culprit or clear someone under suspicion, allowing you to discreetly resolve what may be a difficult situation with professionalism and clarity

Fingerprinting for Criminal Records Checks

We have an in-house service delivered at your place of work for clients requiring identity checks for FBI clearance, Chicago Futures Trading Commission and FINRA etc

To make an appointment please call us:
London: 020 7158 0332
Surrey: 01483 200999
Hants: 02380 308274
or email

Fingerprint Evidence

Exposing fingerprints through chemical and other treatments from which comparison to a control example can be made


Providing fingerprints for regulatory compliance in the convenience of your own location without the need for staff to take time off

CFTC Fingerprinting

Fingerprint Identity checks for CFTC and FINRA compliance arranged painlessly without disruption to your company's working practice

examinaing handwriting for evidence

By comparing samples of handwriting, our expert can ascertain two samples by the same author

Computer Investigation, IT Forensics, rebuilding deleted files, restoring images

Investigation of a user's laptop or teminal can often provide positive proof of documents being sent

Mobile Phone forensics - recovering data from mobile phones

Investigation of a mobile phone similarly enables reconstruction of deleted data

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