Private Investigator Australia

Private Investigator

Private Investigator handling matters in and involving Australia, and working for Australian clients in the UK. Call us on 01483 200999 (if calling from abroad call +44 1483 200999, or email

Private Investigator Australia

A large percentage of our clients are based around the globe, many in Australia

Process Serving Legal documents on behalf of law firms in Australia both in the United Kingdom and Europe; our process servers act with the authorisation of Australian courts

Fingerprinting: The taking of fingerprints of Australian Nationals for identification in applications for Criminal Records clearance, in association with land deals and for documents requiring state approval

Tracing people, both in the UK for clients living in Australia, and in Australia on behalf of UK residents trying to locate people there; often connected with identifying and locating birth parents and chidren given up for adoption

Corporate Investigation for companies on both sides of the globe

Private Investigator Dolly Magazine Australia

Making the news in Australia - our teenage detectives in Australia's Dolly Magazine

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