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Employees returning to work after lockdown will herald an increase in Employment Tribunal claims, False Absenteeism, theft, sexual harrassment claims and more. Contact us for help by telephoning 020 7158 0332 or send a confidential email to

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There are many aspects of employees returning to work in what may be an alien environment that will lead to employee grievances, some of them spurious and a false or exaggerated claim to gain a financial advantage

We will help you gain evidence in defence of a spurious Employment Tribunal claim or investigate sickness absence that may be a sham

Many businesses are already looking at the legal implications of managing workplaces after lockdown finishes. Concerns exist that staff are not clear about what to do if they feel at risk and may react by commencing a grievance procedure

Claims for sexual harrassment are likely to increase, as are instances where an employee claims to have to self isolate either for themselves or because someone in their household has contracted coronavirus, when the claim is simply not true and the issue is one of false absenteeism

Our investigative skills will help you to sort the genuine from the false, protecting the welfare of your business - call our office on 020 7158 0332 or 01483 200999 or email

Companies are advised to implement temperature screening for staff arriving at office, factory or warehouse - see our scheme

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A substantial rise in claims of false sickness is anticipated as employees return to the workplace environment


Employment Tribunals remain the scourge of false claims made against an employer with the hope of obtaining a financial settlement

Employment Tribunal

There are many ramifications of changes in a modified coronavirus workplace environment that are concerns for employers

problems of employees returning to work Covid 19

With many people in a changed environment, and public resources stretched, we investigate criminal theft forensically and holistically

Theft and stealing in the workplace

Process Service continues throughout the current pandemic for civil and criminal matters, operated with relevant precautions

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