Covid-19 has far reaching implications, not only for during the epidemic and lockdown but for a return to work, heralding a potential increase in Employment Tribunal claims, False Absenteeism, theft, sexual harrassment claims and more. Talk to us by telephoning 020 7158 0332 or send a confidential email to

Employees & HR

Managing workplaces during and after the Covid-19 crisis is a potential minefield for many companies, especially as staff may be unclear about what to do if they feel at risk
This is already leading to a rise in Employment Tribunal claims, together with cases of false absenteeism and a potential for a rise in sexual harrassment issues

Some companies, for example, are considering the introduction of such as temperature testing for emplyees arriving, by some viewed as an intrusion and therefore a claim against their employer. With social distancing rules likely to stay in place there may be an increase in sexual and other harrassment allegations

Definitively, there is a likely rise in employee grievance and misconduct.

The links on this page point to services of ours that may be of help to you as a business owner, as well as to other services for the legal profession and private individuals such as process serving and tracing people

staff arrival temperature screening

We provide staff and equipment daily at your premises to temperature screen employees and staff arriving for work - call us for details

Employee grievance Covid 19

Staff returning to work after lockdown will definitively cause a rise in grievances and employee misconduct, matters which we can help resolve


False sickness absence has always been an issue, now exacerbated by the problem of an employee claiming to self isolate when not true

Employment Tribunal

Spurious Employment Tribunal claims are undoubtedly on the rise as new working environments impact on employees

Tracing People

Lockdown has encouraged many clients to talk to us and ask us to trace people, using the resources we have built up over 25 years

Theft and stealing in the workplace

An undoubted impact of a changing and damaged economy is an increase in theft from commercial premises and fraid at work

Computer Investigation

We continue to serve legal papers during the pandemic with key worker status, taking appropriate precautions & care

Private Investigator

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